Need to route SMTP traffic through static interface (not default route)

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by perimere, Mar 27, 2007.

  1. perimere

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    Apologies if this has a solution on the NG but I had a search, and
    couldn't quite work it out.

    I have a Cisco 2610 with a ADSL WIC and a FE module. There are 2 x
    internet connections: static IP on the ADSL, and a cable modem into
    Eth0/0. The Static is a metered line so all traffic goes out over
    cable. I have NAT rules directing mail from outside to an SMTP server
    internally. This all works fine.

    Due to more cases of outbound SMTP traffic getting refused connections
    because its originating from a dynamic IP source (the cable
    connection) I need to route all SMTP outbound traffic via the Dialer0

    After some searching on here and Google I thought a route-map might do
    the trick, but it doesn't appear to be (or my implementation!).

    I tried the following:
    access-list 103 permit tcp any eq smtp
    route-map smtp-redirect permit 10
    match ip address 103
    match route-type internal
    set interface Dialer0

    And then on the FastEth1/0 interface (my LAN):
    ip policy route-map smtp-redirect

    I've also tried applying the policy to the Eth0/0 interface to no

    I did notice that a show route-map (when configured on fasteth1/0)
    showed packet matches against the map but no mail arrived at the other

    Does anyone have constructive feedback or a better way of solving

    Thanks in advance.


    perimere, Mar 27, 2007
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