Need to know resourses for 70-291Certifications

Discussion in 'MCITP' started by Abigyan, Dec 10, 2006.

  1. Abigyan

    Abigyan Guest

    What should i do get the resources for 70-291 certifications
    I need to know where should i visit to get these resources.
    Is that available free of cost and reliable?
    do reply who are concerned on this subject.
    that will make cooperation among certificate holders as well as new
    professionals willing to be part of IT Certified
    Abigyan, Dec 10, 2006
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  2. Abigyan

    Montreal MCT Guest

    Hi Abigyan,

    Your best resource for certification resources is your local bookseller.
    Pick up a copy of Microsoft Press Self-Paced Training Kit for that exam, and
    study it until you know it. Install the software (it comes with a 180-day
    license for Windows Server 2003, but also with practice exams in the form of
    the Readiness Review Kit) and when you do well with those, take the exam.

    Having said that I stand by the advice I usually give: Do not study for any
    exam. Study to know the material, and you should do fine on the exam.

    Montreal MCT, Dec 10, 2006
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  3. :) I feel as if I have a Canadian brother! M, is absolutely correct.
    Regardless of what exam you are trying to achieve; ultimately it is not
    about "studying" for the exam, it is knowing the material you will be
    tested on. You may chalk it up to semantics, but it is really about
    knowing the product you are working on -- or want to be certified on.
    The 70-291 exam, taken by itself may be a little hard to study for.
    Although it is an exam all by itself; with specific skills measured
    prescribed by Microsoft (see, they reserve the
    right to ask you anything with regards to Windows 2003 server. My advice
    is if you are interested in this exam, break down the objectives
    individually and learn each one in regards to a Windows 2003
    infrastructure (i.e. DNS, DHCP, Security tools, Remote Access, etc.)

    Michael D. Alligood
    Network+, i-Net+, CIW Assoc.,
    CIW Certified Instructor
    Michael D. Alligood, Dec 15, 2006
  4. Abigyan

    Montreal MCT Guest

    A brother from another mother :) Glad you agree! Now I have to get all of
    my + certs and you need MCT and we'll be twins! :)

    Montreal MCT, Dec 15, 2006
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