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Discussion in 'Cisco' started by pgaughan, May 29, 2008.

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    I manage freelance editors for Sybex books. If you'd like to be part
    of our industry-leading certification study guide team, I invite you
    contact me.

    For all of our cert books, we hire two contractors with knowledge of
    the book's specific subject matter:

    - Technical editor: This editor reviews the manuscript as it's
    submitted. They identify technical errors, correct text phrasing or
    capping to match the subject (for example, software interface or exam
    objectives), and check art for accuracy. If a beta is involved, they
    help the author keep track of what's tentative, what's working, and
    what's final. The TE sometimes also makes recommendations on content,
    such as additional coverage, and other improvements that the author
    (time and page count permitting) might make.

    - Technical proofreader: This editor reviews the book after it is
    polished and laid out in page proofs. This read-through looks for
    typos, wrong folder paths, wrong art, and other technical errors that
    can be corrected easily at the last minute.

    Both of these editors should be very qualified on the book's topic;
    neither one needs to be an expert at composition or communication. We
    have other editors (developmental editor and copyeditor) who will
    advise the author on all levels of writing, from the organization of
    the outline down to correct punctuation.

    I need a few folks soon for upcoming books on Cisco topics. If you'd
    like to participate, please send me your qualifications and *complete*
    contact information. Because some books require editors who have
    passed a specific exam, please list all your certifications and exams.

    Pete Gaughan
    Editorial Manager
    Sybex, an imprint of John Wiley & Sons
    desk (415) 782-3263, cell (925) 330-1733
    pgaughan, May 29, 2008
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