Need suggestion about proceeding with MCAD

Discussion in 'MCAD' started by B. Karmakar, Apr 21, 2005.

  1. B. Karmakar

    B. Karmakar Guest

    I have been a Cold Fusion Developer for the past 3.5
    years. I have learnt Visual Basic 6.0 and ASP 3.0 on my
    own but do not have any industry experience. Now I want to
    move to Microsoft Technology and want to begin with the
    MCAD. How do I proceed? Will I be able to prepare and pass
    this exam without any industry experience?

    B. Karmakar, Apr 21, 2005
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  2. B. Karmakar

    kpapai Guest

    Industry Experience and the Exams towards your MCAD are mutually exclusive.
    The exams are more theoretical then industrial. You will delve into aspects
    required to pass the exams you will never need in the industry. In industry
    you have time to look things up and ensure you get it right rather than
    guessing on a timed exam.

    Good luck!
    kpapai, Apr 21, 2005
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  3. B. Karmakar

    MCAD Info Guest

    You will find everything you need to start your MCAD at

    Additional info you will find invaluable - FYI & FAQ

    VERY IMPORTANT: Free mini certification tests.

    Microsoft Skills Assessments are free and Important to
    you. These assessments are maintained by Microsoft to
    insure they are current with todays technologies. Industry
    use these assessments to measure your skill sets, so
    completing them successfully is in your best interest.
    Certified Professionals are also being asked by industry
    to complete these assessments to verify their credentials
    are current. Don't wait until you are asked, stay ahead of
    the curve. Do the neccessary assessment now. You can find
    these assessments at

    These assessments are like mini certification tests. You
    can take as many assessments as you need or want to and
    there is no cost. If you need help, you can also get
    excellent free detailed Q&A support for these assessments

    Remember, if it is neccessary to retake a certification
    exam you can "Get a Free second shot" at DO
    not take more than one exam on the same day. This is a
    recipe for failure. The sequence you take exams in is not
    important. Set the sequence that is best for you. It will
    benefit you to lightly peruse all manuals you may have
    related to your certification efforts to get the bigger
    picture but when you are preparing for an exam focus on
    material specific to the exam.

    You can view all Microsoft Certifications at
    From this location you will get the neccessary information
    you need to plan and do your training.

    What ever else you do, I encourage you to use Microsoft's
    Press training material. After all this is their product,
    who better to supply training material? You can view
    Microsoft Press books at Most
    microsoft press books can be acquired for less at or any other auction site.

    You can View New and Upcoming Exams at

    You can find Simulations in MCP exams at

    Stay ahead of the curve. As Microsoft says "The one thing
    you can count on in the IT field is change. Whether it's
    for a new job or a system-wide deployment, keeping your
    skills current is the best way to enjoy continued
    success." I encourage you to take the currently available
    exams as their individual going forward usefulness will
    carry you for the next few years.

    You can find code samples at
    aspx and

    Good Luck
    MCAD Info, Apr 22, 2005
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