need recommendations on what brand, specific computer tool kit to buy (physical tool kits, not softw

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by Trevor Smithson, May 25, 2005.

  1. Hello

    I'm looking for recommendation on what brands and specific tool kits
    to buy. I had a cheap, about 10-piece kit, but it got lost in a
    recent move. It had some regular screwdrivers, a few mini-style
    screwdrivers, a chip extractor, tweezers, a screw/connector/jumper/
    box, and came in a crummy zipper case. Got that one at a trade show a
    few years back as a freebie.

    Whatever I get, in addition to the above I'd like the kit to have a
    wire stripper/cutter, a soldering iron, needle-nose pliers and a
    ratchet driver with standard/phlips/torx/square bits. A small
    flashlight would be nice.

    Amazon has a Belkin 55-piece kit for $34.98: has a Fellowes 55-peice kit for $33.88:

    No soldering iron with the Fellowes, it does have a voltage tester.

    Both have free shipping available, and both are priced about 40% off.
    None of local stores have much available but the cheap 8-to-20 piece
    kits, or very expensive kits with LAN and/or electrical tools.

    Anyone have/used either of these? Are the tools of good quality?

    Any other brands or specific kits I should consider? I don't need a
    nice case or anything, as I plan to put all the tools I get into a
    small tollbox that I have. I'd like to keep the price below $50.
    Trevor Smithson, May 25, 2005
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  2. maybe scott mueller in updating and repairing PCs have a
    recommendation. Anyhow, best thing is to build your own kit.

    There are 2 types of screw. 6-32(for HDD and case) and 4-40(for CD
    so you want screwdriver heads to deal with them. My Antec case
    long 6-32s to get through the HDD tray, through and past a round rubber
    thingy. Whereas my chieftec case have very short 6-32 screws that are
    useless for a HDD in my antec case.

    A pack of jumpers is useful.

    So, A pack of spare screws. The 6-32 screws , 4-40 screws. may find
    you need didfferent lengths.

    I have a multimeter though i've never used it 'cos i'm told that bad
    PSUs cannot necessarily be weeded out with it. A PSU under load behaves
    differently.- violtages would differ somewhat. So it's not a true test.
    And if you load it and test a rails/wire it's not accurate 'cos that
    connectors wires aren't loaded. - beides the fact that the one you're
    testing isn't loaded.

    You mightwant some arctic paste in there for CPUs. I think you gotta
    put thist together.

    AS far as scrwes are concerned, there are only realyl 2 types. 6-32 and
    6 different screw heads should cover any screw you'll find in a
    jameshanley39, May 27, 2005
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