Need recommendation for an ISDN simulator...

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by Kent T., Dec 13, 2003.

  1. Kent T.

    Kent T. Guest

    Can anyone recommend a good ISDN simulator for CCNP and CCIE
    study? Only unbiased opinions, please (no sales pitches).
    Thanks very much.
    Kent T., Dec 13, 2003
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  2. Hi Kent !
    You have 2 general sensible options : ISND simulator, or real ISDN PBX

    For about 600$ : ISND simulator
    Example :

    For about 200$ : real PBX PC ISA card
    Example :,

    The real issue is not really price, ISND simulator is handier but does
    it allow all usages needed for certification ? Of course real ISDN PBX
    will, although much less handy.

    Best regards.
    Eric LEMAITRE, Dec 14, 2003
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  3. This card is really great, we have been using them for Cisco courses in
    several years, you may also find PRI-cards and analog cards. However,
    you alse need software, and that's not free...

    Also, as far as I know, they only support European ISDN. Check with the
    current manufacturer:

    Anders Lagerqvist, Dec 14, 2003
  4. Kent T.

    Schmuck Guest

    Anders Lagerqvist:


    Ok.. completely offtopic.. but I just needed to say that "Lagerqvist"
    has to be the coolest surname I've come across in a long time.

    Some of us are just born lucky....

    Schmuck, Dec 26, 2003
  5. Why is that?

    Anders Lagerqvist, Dec 26, 2003
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