need recommendation - device between laptop and pda

Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by aum, Jan 14, 2006.

  1. aum

    aum Guest


    Can anyone recommend me to a portable computing device that has a screen
    size somewhere between a PDA and a laptop? For instance, approximately the
    area of an A5 sheet of paper?

    Touch-screen preferred, ability to plug in
    PS/2 keyboard desirable but not essential.

    I want it mainly as an e-book reader - it must have the ability to hook up
    to a PC, with a PDF reader, or if it has a proprietary ebook
    format, then the ability for users to create their own ebooks in that

    Any ideas of products, or anyone in NZ selling such things?

    Thanks in advance
    aum, Jan 14, 2006
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  2. aum

    Bruce Hoult Guest

    Um. A5 is 210mm x 148.5mm. That's 10.1" diagonal, which *is* laptop

    A used Newton.

    They come up on trademe from time to time.


    Size (inches): 1.12x4.7x8.3
    Weight (ounces): 22.4
    StrongARM SA-110 RISC processor at 160 MHz
    Newton custom system chip set-ASIC
    5MB RAM (1MB of DRAM, 4MB of Flash RAM)
    8MB of mask ROM
    Low-power, transflective 4.9-in. by 3.3-in. (129.8-mm by 83.2-mm) liquid
    crystal display (480 by 320 pixels at 100 dpi, with 16-level gray scale
    and EL backlight)

    That's about 8% - 90% of the size of A6, in each direction, A6 being
    148.5mm x 105mm.
    Bruce Hoult, Jan 14, 2006
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  3. aum

    aum Guest

    Bloody small laptop. My common-size laptop has a 14" diagonal.

    I saw a bleeding-edge tablet PC (touchscreen, no keyboard, not just a
    touchscreen-capable laptop) at computer city, but their website is down so
    I can't investigate further
    Thanks for the suggestion, but that is much closer to PDA size than I was
    looking for. I guess I'm really after a screen size of 9-11 inches
    diagonal, without the clumsy fold-out keyboard of a laptop.
    aum, Jan 14, 2006
  4. aum

    Philip Guest

    I'm using my Psion NetBook, running the "Sargebook" variant of Debian Linux.

    It has touchscreen, wireless & wired networking, and batteries that last
    from 8 to 10 hours between charges.

    They're on eBay for around $NZ 350, and good value too.

    You could try running its original OS - EPOC, later Symbian, but it's
    not longer supported on the netBook, and I don't know if there are
    converters for the various e-book formats.

    If you were to get one, you'd probably have to install your own
    Saregebook OS on it (available free, I would be happy to share experiences).

    Philip, Jan 14, 2006
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