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Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by perila, Apr 23, 2006.

  1. perila

    perila Guest

    Hi - I have a Sony Vaio 2002 Notebook - XP OS

    The limit of Ram on this computer is 556 RAM
    The size of the C: hard drive is limited to 7.43 GB

    The only programs I run are WORD, ADOBE 7 , FINAL DRAFT SCREENWRITING

    Right now I have only 2.36 GB left on the C drive and don't dare add any
    other programs - also - printing ADobe documents on my 1320 HP laser printer
    is grindingly slow.

    Would it affect my computer's performance if I removed the following
    DVGATE .92 MB
    OPEN MG JUKEBOX - 10.60 mb
    PHOTOPRINTER2000 - 61.80 mb
    PICTURE GEAR 5.2 65.25 mb

    Thanking you in advance: perila
    perila, Apr 23, 2006
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  2. You can probably safely uninstall all of those, except the Symantec
    LiveUpdate if you are using any Symantec protection products. also, you can
    turn off "System Restore" which uses quite a large amount of space.

    you say the hard drive is "limited to" 7.43 gb, how come?
    mentalguy2004, Apr 23, 2006
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  3. perila

    Plato Guest

    I don't believe so.
    Plato, Apr 23, 2006
  4. perila

    perila Guest

    Hi - thanks for your help -
    The hard drive is limited to 7.43 gb because of its age I believe - 2002.

    Would it be possible to use an additional external hard drive with this
    computer - so I can stop worrying about losing space.

    perila, Apr 23, 2006
  5. perila

    PC Guest


    Except for the Symantec Live Update software the software you list looks
    'optional', ie if you don't use it you can remove it, but in the end only
    you can decide that.
    Live Update is a core component of Norton and Symantec products particularly
    Anti Virus. If you have any Symantec product's on your computer Live Update
    is best left on.

    However space wise I think you are worrying to much.
    Going on you figures your hard drive is still 31% free, your proposed
    deletions will only add 3% to your free space (= about 2.6GB)2.6GB free is
    fine. If it was down to 0.5GB then I would worry.

    Your slow printing problem, maybe caused by:
    1 Spyware/Malware running in the back ground.
    2 Software / OS bloat over time from software installations, updates,
    Microsoft Patches etc

    Of the three Spyware is the easiest to fix by getting an online scan (Google
    "online virus scan") or any of the myriad of Anti Spyware programs.

    Two and Three are somewhat inter related.
    As time goes by most installations of Windows get littered with temporary
    files, redundant Registry entries, forgotten programs.
    On top of that add the Updates and Patches to Windows and other 'latest'
    software (eg Acrobat Reader 7) and suddenly what was a sprightly system
    starts to struggle.
    The 'proper fix for this is to backup your data and do a fresh install of
    Windows from your product recovery CD's, followed by the appropriate updates
    from MS. (put SP2 on first 'Before' you go back on the Internet)

    PC, Apr 24, 2006
  6. perila

    thanatoid Guest

    Adding to what Paul said, a good Registry Cleaner (NOT
    Microsoft's) is a good thing to have to clean out all the junk
    once in a while.

    Even though you say you only use Word, *something* tells me you
    have the whole Office installed. If not, sorry, most people do,
    you are a commendable exception.

    If you DO have the while thing installed, get the original disc,
    uninstall the whole bloody mess (make sure your actual work is
    saved to some directory) and re-install Office WITHOUT all the
    other programs, i.e. JUST Word (it will insist on installing
    some "common files" but that's M$ for you).

    If you can find it, switching off FastFind (a useless and auto-
    starting M$ "feature") will speed up your computer, also.

    An even better option is to use one of thousands freeware
    alternatives which are a thousand times smaller and faster, and
    will not give you macro Trojan problems. Many will even save in
    (some version of, anyway) DOC format. A particularly good one is

    BTW, did you know Word has a charming tendency to save
    additional data which may consist of anything from
    paragraphs/words you DELETED from your document (this one OR
    another) to OTHER things from your computer, which do NOT show
    up in Word, but WILL show up in a file viewer? (Aside from
    embedding the computer name/user info etc...)

    I wonder whether that's another example of "it's not a bug, it's
    a *feature*..."

    In either case, unless you really care about formatting and
    colors or use images in your documents etc, I highly recommend
    saving everything as txt. It will be about 50 times smaller and
    any program can read/edit it.
    thanatoid, Apr 24, 2006
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