need help with kvm switch

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by yawnmoth, Sep 25, 2004.

  1. yawnmoth

    yawnmoth Guest

    i recently purchased a belkin omniview kvm / audio switch (the kvm
    uses part dvi / usb - not vga / ps2) - F1DD102U, and am having a few
    problems with it...

    i'm trying to reinstall Windows XP on a computer i have plugged into
    it, and... i can't.

    i boot up, and the mouses light is on, and the keyboard works. i hit
    F11 to select the cd drive as the boot device, and after a few
    seconds, the light goes out, and the keyboard doesn't work. i can't
    hit the button i need to hit to have the WinXP CD boot off the CD.

    the manual that came with my kvm switch suggests that the connections
    might need to be double checked if the mouse / keyboard isn't working.
    however, i'm very confident that that isn't the problem, as they work,
    before i try to boot from the cd, and they work when i boot off of the
    hard drive, and go to my prev. install of Windows XP.

    i thought a firmware update might help, but... i haven't had any luck
    finding a firmware update online.

    so, my questions are this.

    1. how can i install Windows XP given the above situation?
    2. where can i get firmware updates for this device?

    also, i suppose i could just not do a clean install, however, if i do
    that, i'll only be putting off having to solve the problem. i would
    rather solve it now, and get it over with, then wait until i really do
    have no other choice.
    yawnmoth, Sep 25, 2004
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  2. yawnmoth

    Beachcomber Guest

    Why are you connected via a KVM switch if you are doing a complicated
    Windows Re-Install? There should be no need for this during the
    re-install process.


    1. For the Windows Re-install, simply plug a known working keyboard
    and mouse into the computer while you are going through the

    2. Certain brands of KVM switches are notorious for being susceptable
    to having ports blown out. Typically this happens when they are
    connected to "hot" computers when the instructions typically say to
    make sure that all computers are powered down before connecting the
    keyboard, monitor, and mouse cables.

    If after connecting your KVM switch properly, you get a dead mouse or
    keyboard on one position, try swapping that position (after powering
    everything down first and moving the cables) with another computer.
    This will identify whether that particular position on the KVM switch
    is blown, or if there is a problem with the computer (less likely, but
    possible). Most KVM's have a reset switch somewhere. Beyond that,
    you're on your own.

    Most KVM switches are hardware devices. I've never seen one that
    takes firmware updates, but if they exist, they would likely be at the
    manufactuers web site.

    Beachcomber, Sep 26, 2004
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  3. yawnmoth

    Duane Arnold Guest

    During an install of the O/S, you'll need to plug the KB, mouse and monitor
    back into the computer the install is happening on as a workaround. The O/S
    has to be installed on the machine so that the KMV switch will function. I
    use a Belkin too. I have been there and done that one. ;-)

    Duane :)
    Duane Arnold, Sep 26, 2004
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