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Discussion in 'MCSE' started by RWC, Jan 21, 2004.

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    Im' currently studying for my Win2K Pro exam, and although I'm getting a
    score of about 88% on the exam sims, there are some questions / answers that
    I don't trust, and some that contradict themselves to a degree. I'm using
    the Microsoft Press exam sim in the back of the MCSE book, and I'm also
    using an exam that I believe to be a "MeasureUp" exam. Just wondering if
    there are any other exam sims out there that will give me some confidence
    that I'm being given good questions, and that the answers are what I can
    expect on the actual exam. To give you an idea of one of the questions /
    answers, I would be given something to the effect of "you are the
    administrator, you are required to do x y're solution is to do y
    z....what requirements does that satify...answer..y." There are others that
    are just odd, like "minimize set up time" in which the answer to one
    question of Using a boot disk, then start the set up from CD Rom does not
    satisfy the "Minimize set up time" requirement, yet on another question,
    modifying the BIOS to boot from CDROM first, then restarting, then running
    set up from CD ROM, then restore the BIOS to boot from the hard disk, DOES
    satisfy the requirement of "minimizing set up time".....anyway....needless
    to say, my frustration level with the exam sims is getting quite high. I'd
    like a third or fourth version of an exam sim to at least get a general idea
    if this is what I"m to expect on the actual exam (i.e. should I expect a
    crap shoot on some of the questions).

    Any help you could give would be tresmendous. If you are responding to this
    post, please remove the caps and underscores from the email address.

    RWC, Jan 21, 2004
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