Need Help. Cisco 3800 series Access Server Configuration.

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by mehediparvez, Jul 9, 2007.

  1. mehediparvez


    Jul 8, 2007
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    I have the following situation..

    I have Cisco Router 3845 with 2 gigabit interface and 2 NM-16-AM-V2 Analog Modem ( 16 port x 2) = 32 ports.

    I have 2 PABX Telephone Line. I want Dialin (RAS) service. Local Network user can connect to this router using telephone line and can use local network resource. I need full Configuration for this router.

    Router inside Interface ip : 192.168.x.x
    Dial Pool IP : 192.168.x.x-192.168.x.x

    Anybody Please Help.....................
    Thanks in advance...
    mehediparvez, Jul 9, 2007
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