Need co-location advice [San Diego]. Verio sucks.

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by Jules Winfield, Nov 11, 2005.

  1. Hi there,

    I'm looking for advice on a good co-location provider in the San Diego

    I've been using Verio for years. Some time ago, Verio was purchased by
    the Japanese company NTT. NTT fired all of the employees in the San Diego
    location except for one. Support is now non-existent. Downtime is common.
    It's reached a point where the Internet connectivity that I'm receiving on
    my $45/month cable modem is *better* than the connectivity I'm receiving via
    my $1,500/month Verio account.

    Of course I'm not suggesting that I move the 14 co-located servers to my
    apartment and run them off my cable modem, but at the same time, with
    Verio's service and support at an all time low, I've got to at least look
    for some alternatives. Any ideas?

    Here's why I cross-posted to the Cisco group. The latest outage at Verio
    was due to the following:

    During this maintenance, Verio engineers must reboot to collocation routers
    to correct a memory allocation problem. Our engineers have inform us that if
    this does not occur, we will experience unplanned downtime. This maintenance
    will cause a short service interruption. Your services will be inaccessible
    for 5 to 15 minutes, while the router reloads and BGP sessions synchronize.
    It is Verio policy to notify our customers when performing work of this
    nature on infrastructure services. If you have any questions about this
    maintenance, please contact us using the information below and reference
    ticket [1-401862994].

    I frequently receive these types of emails from Verio with a lot of tech
    terms that I don't understand as they try to justify why there will be yet
    more downtime at the colo facility. I know they use Cisco routers just like
    pretty much every other colo facility. So why is it that it is only Verio
    that seems to be plagued by these "memory allocation" errors in their Cisco
    routers? I'm starting to wonder if Verio is just full of crap.

    Jules Winfield, Nov 11, 2005
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