NEC Develops Combo Drive for Next and Current DVD's

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by Allan, Dec 20, 2003.

  1. Allan

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    "Japanese electronics conglomerate NEC Corp. said on Thursday it had
    developed an optical disc drive capable of playing back and recording
    both next-generation and existing DVDs.

    The recorder comes with the world's first single optical head that
    combines both a red laser -- which reads and writes the current
    generation of DVDs -- and a blue laser, which does so for
    next-generation discs.

    NEC said it expects to launch a commercial product sometime in 2005,
    but that the timing of its rollout would depend on the amount of
    next-generation DVD content available at the time. The first products
    will likely be used in PCs, NEC said.

    Earlier this year, Sony Corp. began sales of the world's first
    high-definition video DVD recorder that uses blue-laser technology.

    The proliferation of high-definition television is expected to spur
    demand for video recorders using blue lasers, since recording capacity
    of next-generation DVDs is almost four times that of existing discs.
    Sony is part of a consortium that includes some of the world's biggest
    consumer electronics makers, such as Philips and Matsushita Electric
    Industrial Co. Ltd., maker of the Panasonic brand, to back a
    technology called Blu-ray.

    NEC and Toshiba, on the other hand, support a rival standard called
    HD-DVD, which last month won the backing of the DVD Forum, an industry
    association of some 220 electronics and media companies.

    By combining two lasers into a single optical head, NEC said its new
    disc drives would be smaller and thinner than other drives that use
    two optical heads. The drive is powered by a system chip developed by
    NEC's semiconductor unit, NEC Electronics Corp."


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    Allan, Dec 20, 2003
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