NAT loopback - Draytek/Thompson

Discussion in 'Network Routers' started by Blokkie, Oct 12, 2005.

  1. Blokkie

    Blokkie Guest


    One of our clients had a combination of routers to support al their
    First there is a Thompson Speedtouch 510 ADSL modem which forwards all
    requests to the other router on the LAN port.
    We installed the other router (Draytek Vigor 2900) because of it's VPN
    The Draytek forwards some ports, like 80 for webmail, to the server.

    The problem is as follows.

    There are several users which refuse to work with outlook/exchange.
    Don't ask me why...
    So we decided to install outlook and download mail from the pop boxes
    on the exchange server. (which they are used to before the server
    But now we want them to be able to connect from both the office and the
    internet without using VPN!

    Now I know there are routers out there which support NAT loopback (like

    What I need is the WAN ip to be accessible from the LAN.

    Can anyone help me out how to configure the Speedtouch or the Draytek
    for NAT loopback?


    Blokkie, Oct 12, 2005
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  2. Blokkie

    Blokkie Guest

    Hi Jason,

    Don't exactly know if its a 510i or just a 510....but the only
    difference between them is the line port (pots or isdn).
    The firmware is the latest from the speedtouch website.
    And at last, yes the users sucks :)

    Léon Blokland
    StandBy Automatisering

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    From: Jason Fellenbaum [mailto:]
    Sent: zaterdag 15 oktober 2005 11:46
    To: Leon Blokland
    Subject: Re: NAT loopback - Draytek/Thompson

    Geez, your users suck. That's one of those situations where you wish
    you were in house IT, and you just make the change, and tell them to
    deal with it. Your Speetouch 510. Do you know if it is a 510i, or just
    a 510. What Firmware version are you running on it?

    Blokkie, Oct 17, 2005
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