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Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by - Free Tech Support, May 2, 2004.

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    Hello and thank you for reading.

    This site is here because I work within the Industry, also because I saw a
    Rant on and thought it was so true I just had to do something
    about it. It stated that if the owners of Web hosting companies had employee
    's who did not, or refused, to use the services they provided, it was not
    something to be proud of. I am in that boat, I could not honestly suggest
    anyone use the services my company provides because I know how bad they are
    and how little anyone cares.

    The company I work for directs its first line technical support people to
    LIE to its customers. It also deliberately misleads customers in an attempt
    to make a cheap buck.

    Within my first week at the company I had been told that, if 50 people join
    and 10 of them leave, its not a problem. Thats 20%, if we piss off 20% of
    the people that come to use our service, who cares!

    The idea behind this website is to provide you with an outlet, to let others
    know of your experiences.

    We do not just want the bad ones, we want to know when you have had great
    service and fantastic support as well.

    Before the end of the year I am looking to start up and award system, where
    we will provide golden handshakes and red raspberries to those ISPs who
    provide the Best and the worst service in the business.

    If we can get just one company to, Your right, we are wrong. We will try to
    do better. Then this website is worth it.

    Thank you,

    The Site is Under Development - All Input welcome

    Launch Date June 30th 2004
    Supported by;
    Your Internetworking Support Wizzard
 - Free Tech Support, May 2, 2004
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  2. - Free Tech Support

    Wizard Guest

    Wizard has only one (1) "z" in it!
    Wizard, May 3, 2004
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