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Discussion in 'Firefox' started by cshr, Dec 21, 2004.

  1. cshr

    cshr Guest

    Hello and Merry Christmas to everyone.

    I operate a website for my non-profit horse rescue center.
    I have over the years developed a rather unusual Christmas page, where
    a horse, completely created of keyboard characters is supposed to
    scroll across the page.

    I have used this design for several years, and it always worked fine
    on IE. I am now using Firefox most of the time, but this page will
    not work correctly on Firefox. I only see the top of the horses head
    scrolling. This is the latest Firefox version.

    Please view the page with IE to see how it's supposed to look, then
    check it with Firefox.

    Look here:

    Is there any way to fix this so it works properly in Firefox, or must
    I tell my viewers to use IE to get it to work?

    PS. While I developed this page and website, I am not a professional
    web designer, and have no clue how to change this. Please be specific
    with replies to fix it. There is a valid email addy on the mainpage
    link if you want to reply privately.


    cshr, Dec 21, 2004
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  2. cshr

    Ralph Fox Guest

    Make these two simple changes to the HTML source code.

    1. On line 28 of the HTML source code (near the left-hand end of line 28),
    to be

    2. On line 53 of the HTML source code (near the right-hand end of line 53),
    to be

    In other words, you just need the <pre>...</pre> to be inside the
    No need to go to such extremes :)

    Merry Christmas to you and yours.


    "There is only one boss, the customer. And he can fire everybody in
    the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money
    somewhere else." -- Sam Walton
    Ralph Fox, Dec 21, 2004
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