My S2's CCD went screwy, just like they said it would

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Brian Zinchuk, Oct 17, 2005.

  1. On October 4th, posted this service notice from fuji:

    Service Advisory to Owner's of the FinePix S2 Pro Digital Camera
    FUJI PHOTO FILM U.S.A., INC. announces that some of the FinePix S2
    Pro digital camera models may develop a problem with the CCD imaging
    sensor. During a certain period in the production process, there was
    a lack of uniformity in the quality of the CCD. It was determined
    that this problem may happen due to a combination of CCD quality and
    usage/storage conditions or age deterioration. However, the problem
    affects a limited number of units and may not occur in all cameras.

    The symptom is captured images that appear completely black, have a
    purplish cast or multi- colored distortions. The following list of
    serial numbers may be affected:

    Model Serial Number Range:

    FinePix S2 Pro 31A127**~31A143**

    Serial numbers are found on the bottom of the camera.

    If your camera serial number is on the list and experiences the
    symptoms described above and has no other additional
    damage/malfunction, FUJI PHOTO FILM U.S.A., INC. will repair your
    camera at no charge, even if your standard one-year limited warranty
    has expired. If your camera is beyond the standard one year, limited
    warranty period, you will receive a written estimate for any
    additional damages or malfunctions not listed in this Service

    This announcement is issued by FUJI PHOTO FILM U.S.A., INC. and is
    limited to only those Fujifilm products imported to the U.S.A. by
    INC. to authorized dealers.


    Oh, that's great, I think. My camera is in the serial number range.

    The notice was posted on a Thursday.

    On the following Monday, my fire dept pager goes off and I race off
    to cover a garage fire. I pull out my camera and snap some pictures.
    They're all green and purple. In the first one, the big red
    firetruck is marginally identifiable by shape, if not in colour. But
    all subsequent frames are psychadelic green and purple swirls.

    I did ablsolutely nothing different over the weekend that would have
    elicited a change in the camera. It was stored in its bag at room
    temperature as usual.

    So the next day I couriered it off to Fuji's Toronto repair depot.
    My Saskatoon dealer said it should take about two weeks, as they
    realize the people who buy these cameras make their lifing with
    them, so they don't let them sit on the shelf.

    My dealer was kind enough to lend me a D70s for the weekend to shoot
    my last wedding of the season. With this recent difficulty, plus the
    fact the S2 really sucks batteries hard when using the 70-200 VR,
    makes me want to switch to a D70 or an upcoming D200.

    This is a shame, because I used to really like my S2 Pro, and I
    still owe lots of money on it.

    Thoughts, comments?
    Brian Zinchuk, Oct 17, 2005
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  2. Brian Zinchuk

    ASAAR Guest

    When the S2 Pro is returned in two weeks, its "fixed" sensor
    should be immune from the problem that just occurred. Then it will
    be the same camera that you used to really like. Unless you find
    that the D70s is substantially superior for your purposes, you many
    not want to invest even more money in another camera and similar
    lenses, unless you know that you could sell your current Fuji
    equipment without incurring a substantial loss.

    The D70s should be pretty easy on its batteries, but that's with
    regular lenses. If equipped with one similar to your 70-200 VR, it
    will also go through batteries more quickly. Perhaps not as
    quickly as the S2 Pro does, but you should check it if you think
    you'll want to buy the Nikon to see what kind of difference there
    is. And if you do test it, make sure that you do the comparison
    with batteries in the S2Pro that you're sure haven't lost capacity.
    ASAAR, Oct 17, 2005
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  3. Thoughts, comments?
    The newspaper I work for has two D70s. They have no problem running that
    lens. But my S2 burns through the 123s so fast with that lens (as few as
    50-100 frames per set of two) that I had to put on an MB-16 AA battery pack.

    That in itself has become problematic. Using a flash bracket causes some
    flex between the battery pack and the contacts, and makes it pretty much
    unusable. Thus, I can't use my flash bracket with the S2. With the D70 - no

    Having the shutter and aperature on opposite wheels seems backwards, but
    otherwise, the D70 looks like a nice switch. I want to see a D200, though.

    Brian Zinchuk, Oct 17, 2005
  4. Brian Zinchuk

    ASAAR Guest

    Ouch! That's certainly not a good thing. It looks like there's a
    D70 in your future. Oddly, the S3 Pro *might* have better battery
    life than the D70, but it's so much more expensive than the D70 that
    it's probably not worth considering. I was slightly confused by
    your mentioning the 123s along with the MB-16, but I think I have it
    straightened out now. Unlike the dual battery compartments of the
    S2 (2 x 123 and 4 x AA), the S3 Pro only uses 4 x AAs. That should
    save the relatively high cost of short lived 123s. But even with
    only 4 x AAs, it may well power the S3Pro/70-200 VR combo longer
    than the D70/70-200 VR, since if the latest high capacity NiMH AAs
    are used, it would have 20% greater capacity than the Li-Ion battery
    used by the D70 (4.8v / 2600mah versus 7.4v / 1400 mah).

    As noted above, since 123 batteries aren't used in the S3, you
    wouldn't need the MB-16 AA battery pack, and so a flash bracket
    should be problem free on an S3. But were I in your position, I
    wouldn't consider getting one, most likely following your preference
    to either buy a D70 or wait to see some D200 reviews. If you get
    either of these, the S2 Pro can be used as a backup body unless or
    until you sell it.
    ASAAR, Oct 17, 2005
  5. Ouch! That's certainly not a good thing. It looks like there's a
    Well, I use Energizer 2500 mAh batteries in my MB-16, and still the
    70-200 VR is pretty hard on it. There has been no noticeable difference in
    using the D70s, especially with the ELN-3a (I think) batteries that have 25
    % more capacity.
    That looks like what's going to happen. The S2 will be my
    wedding/backup/studio camera, and whatever I get as a primary - D70, D200,
    maybe even D2X, will take over.

    Now I just need more money. Anyone getting married out there? Need a

    Brian Zinchuk, Oct 17, 2005
  6. Brian Zinchuk

    Mike Warren Guest

    On the D70 that can be changed: Custom setting 14 "Command Wheel"
    Mike Warren, Oct 17, 2005
  7. Brian Zinchuk

    Roy Guest


    That just switches them over, there is still one on the front and one on the

    Roy G
    Roy, Oct 19, 2005
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