My router assigns IP address but I cannot ping router??

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by MC, Jun 26, 2005.

  1. MC

    MC Guest

    Help Please,
    I have a D-Link DI-624 wireless Router with one Ethernet connected computer
    and a few wireless. I just set up a new computer in my workroom and
    connected to the wireless network/internet via a D-Link Ethernet bridge. I
    have. When I put the new computer in the family room and connected the
    router directly via Ethernet, I could not access or ping the router but when
    I do an IPconfig, I have an IP address and the correct gateway. I have done
    a /release & /renew which works but I still cannot connect when directly
    connected to the router. I can unplug the cable to the router, re hookup the
    Ethernet bridge and then have internet access. What gives here?

    MC, Jun 26, 2005
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  2. MC

    Clark Guest

    Go to "My Network Places" and right click and select properties. Highlight
    your connection and look in the lower left at the Details information. Does
    the address look appropriate for your network, and does it say Assigned by
    DHCP or something else.

    Do you have enough addresses available for the new setup to be assigned one?
    Do you have more than one DHCP server? Did you set up a new connection when
    you moved the computer?

    Open msinfo32.exe and look under Software Environment and Windows Error
    Reporting. You may have to drag out the divider sections, but you may see
    some type of error message there.

    Clark, Jun 26, 2005
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