my laptop sata hdd crahed,can i use seagate portable hdd as laptopsata hdd through some convertors??

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by ashjas, Mar 29, 2008.

  1. ashjas

    ashjas Guest


    Is there any way by which i can use my portable usb seagate hdd as
    sata laptop hdd (through some sort of convertors ),and install os on
    it and use it to boot my laptop through it?

    Kindly advise...

    Thanks for support.

    Best Refards.
    ashjas, Mar 29, 2008
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  2. ashjas

    ded Guest

    What I think you are asking is if you can connect the external
    USB drive via USB-to-SATA adapter (direct into the SATA connection
    of the Laptops MoBo?) and then use the externally connected
    drive to boot from, is that what you're asking?
    If so, then that is one seriously complex and convoluted solution,
    everything from BIOS settings of boot sequence through to cost
    of adapters (which are available) and the basic issue being that
    the laptop will no longer be portable!
    Assumed from your question is that you do have an operating
    system installation disk, and assumed to be Windows? And also
    noted you are a googler.........
    The easiest and certainly only real viable option is to replace the
    laptops HDD, your external USB drive may well have a HDD that
    could be disconnected and removed and then transferred and
    installed in the laptop, as long as it is same size and SATA.
    But replacement HDD that would be exact fit for the laptop are
    very cheap these days.
    Are you 100% certain the laptops HDD is dead, do you have a
    Windows disc, if so, have you tried booting from the Win disc?
    And if so have you tried a repair install, or if HDD is non-functioning
    have you opened and checked connections?
    ded, Mar 29, 2008
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  3. ashjas

    7 Guest

    You can use a livecd like DSL, knoppix, ubuntu, SystemRescueCD, puppy,
    and others to either boot and use your network to copy data out, or
    to an attached USB or a external USB drive.

    Livecds boot from CD without having to install anything on your hard disk.
    System rescue I belive has a DOS emulator to get to your drives if they
    are formatted with DOS compatible file system.

    For any commands and instructions you happen not to understand, just use
    google to search.
    7, Mar 29, 2008
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