Mx700 logitech mice & xp

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Sharon, Sep 16, 2004.

  1. Sharon

    Sharon Guest

    Hi helpers
    My MX700 optical mice is not detected on XP pro

    I have other Logitech MouseMan and when I reconnect it to the USB port
    the system give an information balloon: "new hardware found … mouseman
    USB Mouse"

    But the XP won't detect my MX700 Mice.
    When I reconnect it there is no detection sign or information balloon
    and the mice won't work.

    When I go to the control panel and double click on the mouse icon,
    there is a window popping saying: "new device was found on unknown
    port do you want to configure the device?"
    This is a usual mouse ware driver question but the driver didn't
    recognize the mouse port! And the mouse type,

    I search this forum and I see that all MX700 users using the mice with
    minimal problems

    So I maybe my problem is Hardware failure , on the other hand the
    mice is brand new and it was working few days ago !

    I tried to reinstall the mouseware drivers from Logitech (9.7) and
    nothing helps

    Please advise
    Sharon, Sep 16, 2004
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  2. Sharon

    SwissTony Guest

    can you move the pointer when the mx700 is installed???
    try removing the mouseware drivers as windows will use its own.
    You could try removing the device in device manager.
    right click device manager-click properties-click the hardware tab, then
    device manager.
    remove any device that has a yellow exclamation mark next to it (!!!!)
    Remove the mx700 charger/receiver station from the usb port. restart with no
    mouse installed.
    put the mx700 back in.

    there is a webpage called Logitech Pointing Devices: Troubleshooting
    Hardware Detection Issues
    SwissTony, Sep 16, 2004
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  3. Sharon

    JJO Guest

    Just a thought but could it be a battery problem in the mouse? In other
    words, could the battery have discharged and now it is not detected? Check
    to be sure the battery in the mouse is installed properly and secure.

    One stupid question and forgive me for it's obvious nature but is the base
    AC adapter plugged into a live outlet? I have seen devices plugged into
    outlets that are controlled by wall switches and with the switch off, the
    device cannot operate. Also try the PS/2 connector just to be sure and have
    you pressed the connect buttons on the bottom of the mouse and the base? If
    so try again just to be sure.

    If another mouse is detected properly on the USB port then the problem is
    with your mouse hardware and not the computer. If it is new and you cannot
    get it to detect properly, I would return it and exchange it for another
    since it is very possible that the mouse or charger base is defective.

    John O.
    JJO, Sep 16, 2004
  4. Sharon

    SwissTony Guest

    I have the mx700 myself.
    The device is detected wether there is power in the mouse or not.
    The base station does not need any power itself unless you want to charge
    the mouse batteries
    SwissTony, Sep 16, 2004
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