MUST READ - TIPS & TRICKS for Windows C# exam (70-316)

Discussion in 'MCAD' started by Raja, Jun 1, 2005.

  1. Raja

    Raja Guest

    I passed the Windows C# exam yesterday (May31st) with a score of 820. I have
    a short list of my observations here

    * 42 Questions in 150 minutes - You will NEVER EVER run out of time on this

    * Only 1 question was a "Select all Correct choices". All others EXPLICITLY
    STATED "Select 2" or "Select 3" - If you were a little frustrated with
    getting the "Select All" questions wrong in the practice tests, don't be !

    * Very heavy on ADO.Net - Amit Kalani's book (
    coverage of ADO.Net is NOT SUFFICIENT ! Read the classic David Sceppa's
    ADO.Net tome ( or atleast do some sort of pre-prep
    on ADO.Net !

    * Fair coverage of all topics - DON'T SKIP reading chapters in Amit's book.
    You do need to know atleast something about everything !

    * If the question+answers span more than the screen real-estate and you
    choose the correct answer without scrolling down, you get the annoying pop-up
    window saying "You have not read the entire question blah blah blah ..." -
    GRIN & BEAR !

    * READ MSDN - This link is an excellent resource for doing that

    I also used Jesse Liberty's "Programming C#" book (
    as a starter to learn C#. Of course, you may not need this if you're already
    an expert in C# !

    Onto 70-320 .....

    Proud of preparing & doing the exam the hard way WITHOUT any STUPID DUMPS,
    Raja, Jun 1, 2005
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  2. Raja

    EggHead Guest

    I totally agree. It is an easy exam ( I think it is second to the old TCP/IP
    exam from M$).
    But, I would like to add some of my thoughts.
    I have no "select all" in my test, but I have couple other kind of evil qs
    ("select 2" or "select 3" with each ans is completed solution.)
    And, I have couple of related qs. By reading the qs of one, you can guess
    the ans of the others q :) has the same no of qs as deployment in my test, and some of qs are
    M$ related. So even you are already an expert in C# lang, you still
    need to prepare for it.
    No idea why, a couple of xml related qs and sql statement related qs are in
    my test, may be they are belong to section.
    One last thing, my test does not have any new test format.
    EggHead, Jun 1, 2005
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  3. Raja

    Raja Guest

    The reason XML related questions are included is because of the test
    objective - "Access & Manipulate data from a data store - Data stores include
    relational databases, XML documents and flat files" !
    Raja, Jun 1, 2005
  4. Raja

    Nancee Guest

    Hello Raja,

    Congratulations! I took the Windows C# test on May 31st and failed the exam.
    I will give my second shot for the test. There were lot more questions on
    assembly, deployment, xml and security based.
    Please let me know what books you have referred for your preparation. And
    what practice tests have you chosen?
    Nancee, Jun 3, 2005
  5. Raja

    Raja Guest

    Hi Nancee,

    If you had completely gone through Amit's book (the big one, NOT the exam
    cram -, I would advise you to study (the topics you
    mentioned) from MSDN. A great resource for doing that is CodeClinic's website
    @ Also, if you feel you need to do more on,
    I would advise you to get David Sceppa's tome -
    This book can be used many more times after the exam also.

    I used MeasureUp for the practice tests and scored above pass % in tests-2 &
    3 that I took. My first choice for practice tests would be Transcender
    because MeasureUp's desktop version does not have the facility to deliver
    completely unique tests whereas Transcender offers 3 completely unique tests.
    The exam @ the end of Amit's book was completely bookish and the one on the
    book CD (PrepLogic) was real tough ! So, using MeasureUp or Transcender would
    be a good way to judge exam readiness.

    Best of Luck and Iam sure you will crack it this time !
    Raja, Jun 3, 2005
  6. Raja

    Simon Hart Guest


    Congratulations on passing..

    I too have the door step Amits book - v.good. Did you get many security
    related q's as Nancee did?
    I too find the PrepLogic alot more difficult than the MeasureUp test exams.
    Which is more accurate of the true life exam, PrepLogic or MeasureUp or maybe
    a mix between the two?

    Simon Hart.
    Simon Hart, Jun 28, 2005
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