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Discussion in 'MCSD' started by Guest, Jun 1, 2005.

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    I passed the Windows C# exam yesterday (May31st) with a score of 820. I have
    a short list of my observations here

    * 42 Questions in 150 minutes - You will NEVER EVER run out of time on this

    * Only 1 question was a "Select all Correct choices". All others EXPLICITLY
    STATED "Select 2" or "Select 3" - If you were a little frustrated with
    getting the "Select All" questions wrong in the practice tests, don't be !

    * Very heavy on ADO.Net - Amit Kalani's book (
    coverage of ADO.Net is NOT SUFFICIENT ! Read the classic David Sceppa's
    ADO.Net tome ( or atleast do some sort of pre-prep
    on ADO.Net !

    * Fair coverage of all topics - DON'T SKIP reading chapters in Amit's book.
    You do need to know atleast something about everything !

    * If the question+answers span more than the screen real-estate and you
    choose the correct answer without scrolling down, you get the annoying pop-up
    window saying "You have not read the entire question blah blah blah ..." -
    GRIN & BEAR !

    * READ MSDN - This link is an excellent resource for doing that

    I also used Jesse Liberty's "Programming C#" book (
    as a starter to learn C#. Of course, you may not need this if you're already
    an expert in C# !

    Onto 70-320 .....

    Proud of preparing & doing the exam the hard way WITHOUT any STUPID DUMPS,
    Guest, Jun 1, 2005
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