Musket Photos: Need crisp and detailed for posting

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Christopher A. Steele, Oct 25, 2004.

  1. I will be selling a musket I inherited and I have some professionally
    taken, very detailed photos of it I'd like to post on the net (both to
    garner info about it from firearms experts, and as an aid to help me
    sell it).

    How best do I replicate the photos for posting? What can I do to
    ensure (as much as is possible) that the richness and detail of the
    photos isn't LOST when I post them? Due to financial constraints, I
    can't afford to buy programs, etc., to get this done, although I do
    have business and non-business friends with various programs,
    scanners, etc. that I'm sure I can use.

    THANK you.

    Christopher A. Steele
    Son of Col. M.J. Steele, USASA/AGC, Fts: Devens, Rucker, Lawton,
    OATerm, +

    ps. And are the Kinkos-type printing/'transfer your photos to CD'
    places any good at this?
    Christopher A. Steele, Oct 25, 2004
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  2. Christopher A. Steele

    Casey Wilson Guest

    Presuming you are talking about posting illustrations to EBay or that
    ilk, the bottom line answer to your question is that you can not (repeat
    NOT) post a screen visual that will in any way replicate a detailed
    photograph, more especially one captured on film.
    Casey Wilson, Oct 25, 2004
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  3. Casey:

    Pardon the delay.
    Well ... Drat.
    But thank you for taking the time to answer my query, Sir.

    Christopher A. Steele

    (banish 'rambler' from above to e-mail)

    Son of Col. Marvin J. Steele
    WWII: 8th Air Force, 95th Bomb Group (Heavy), Horham, England
    Never Turned Back on a Mission
    3 Distinguished Unit Citations (the only 8th Air Force Bomb Group to
    be so recognized):17 Aug 1943; Regensburg / 10 Oct 1943 Munster
    / 4 Mar 1944 Berlin "First B-17s Over Berlin"

    Korea/Cold War: US Army Security Agency/Adj. General Corps: Postings
    at Fts: Richardson, Devens, Rucker, Lawton, Oakland Army Terminal,
    Thailand, Korea
    Christopher A. Steele, Nov 12, 2004
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