Musical Artists That Should Have DVDs Out But Don't

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by Todd Tamanend Clark, Sep 11, 2003.


    [Concert Films, Television Appearances, Videos]

    Blue Cheer
    Captain Beefheart
    Cecil Taylor
    Die Warzau
    Frank Zappa
    Gravity Kills
    Iggy Pop/The Stooges
    Jefferson Airplane
    Jim Pepper
    John Cage
    Laurie Anderson
    Link Wray
    Max Frost And The Troopers
    Missing Persons
    My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult
    Ornette Coleman
    Paul Revere And The Raiders
    Peter Buffett
    R. Carlos Nakai
    Rahsaan Roland Kirk
    Rob Zombie
    Screamin' Jay Hawkins
    Stabbing Westward
    The Byrds
    The Crystal Method
    The Fugs
    The Lords Of The New Church
    The Thirteenth Floor Elevators
    The Tubes
    Yma Sumac

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    Poet/Composer/Multi-Instrumentalist/Cultural Historian
    Primal Pulse (Label-Publisher-Studio)
    The Monongahela River, Turtle Island

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    Now Available:
    Staff, Mask, Rattle (2-CD: Instrumental, 2002)
    Owls In Obsidian (CD: Instrumental, 2000)

    Monongahela Riverrun (CD: Instrumental, 2003)

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    "American radio listeners, raised on a diet of ___ (fill in the blank)
    have experienced a musical universe so small they cannot begin
    to know what they like."
    - - Frank Zappa
    Todd Tamanend Clark, Sep 11, 2003
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  2. Todd Tamanend Clark

    mpomario Guest

    Definately Zappa. I have a few bootlegs that I bought at a guitar show and
    there was tons more. Good stuff too.
    mpomario, Sep 11, 2003
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  3. Todd Tamanend Clark

    luminos Guest


    luminos, Sep 11, 2003
  4. Todd Tamanend Clark

    Evil Guest

    Queensryche: Video Mindcrime.
    Evil, Sep 11, 2003
  5. Jimmy Buffet (with captioning of lyrics for the late deafened Parrot Head)!

    Deaf Does NOT Equate Daft ... in other people's cases.
    Moderator of a "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" List
    Moderator/Owner of HandiBooks
    Yea, verily: Who is that, prowling over the candy store! It is Scott, hands
    clutching two hardened pitas! He bellows vengefully:
    "As sure as predators devour prey, I destroy all in my path like the world's
    mightiest bad-ass!"
    The Plumply Perverse Pool Guy, Sep 11, 2003
  6. Todd Tamanend Clark

    Doc Shock Guest

    ZZ Top
    Doc Shock, Sep 11, 2003
  7. Todd Tamanend Clark

    Myth Guest

    I just love their "Plays the Music of Duke Ellington" arranged by Wynton M.
    Myth, Sep 11, 2003
  8. Todd Tamanend Clark

    Myth Guest

    This looks like the beginning of a new subgroup,,
    Myth, Sep 11, 2003
  9. Todd Tamanend Clark

    Pullit Guest

    Berlin actually have a DVD coming out later this year. As far as I know it
    is a live performance with the new lineup - not sure if there will be extras
    like the old 80s videos etc...
    Pullit, Sep 12, 2003
  10. Todd Tamanend Clark

    Invid Fan Guest

    Operation LiveCrime is out, the dvd version of the old box set.
    Invid Fan, Sep 12, 2003
  11. Todd Tamanend Clark

    ric Guest


    Again, our resident twit has linked five otherwise unrelated NGs
    together via a crosspost. All groups will be forced to observe
    the replies from the four others.

    ric, Sep 12, 2003

  12. the worst part is a lot of the OLDER groups mentioned did have killer
    laserdiscs of the videos issued over the year, especially in JAPAN. i
    still come across some stuff i didn't even know existed on ebay.

    there is some hope, it seems always that the EU issues stuff on DVD
    much quicker when it comes to offbeat artists. i've found more
    interesting stuff on & .de than i ever do here in the US.

    only time will tell if someone will ante up and slap some of these
    guy's material on a DVD, i just hope they take the care to remaster
    them so when you do buy it, it isn't still in mono or sound like it
    was mastered off of a 2 head VCR.

    curry wuerstel, Sep 12, 2003
  13. Snuh?

    np: Russian Futurists - When The Sun Drops Like An Anvil
    "The 80s sucked in the 80s, and they still suck now."
    -Shakey Mo Collier
    Veni Vidi Exii, Sep 12, 2003
  14. "Mike C." commented:
    So what?
    Nine of the thirty-six artists listed play jazz, which equals
    twenty-five per cent, right on the money when considering that
    there were four musical genres posted.
    That's merely a subjective value judgment on your part. Whenever
    I get tired of making lists and take a break from time to time,
    I invariably get requests for more lists, so someone must like
    Wrong. I am always very careful to post on topic.
    That's pretty funny considering that I'm currently working on my
    eleventh album combining exactly those two styles of music.
    Ground control to space cadet! Come in, Major Mike!

    I guess all those DVDs I have in my collection by Miles Davis,
    Sun Ra, The Doors, Art Pepper, and Thelonious Monk, among others,
    are a figment of my imagination?
    It's still my contention that my posts ARE appropriate.

    You and Ric are venturing very close to Zedland by attempting to
    play jazz nazi netcop.
    There's always that option, too.

    Anarchy and chaos are not without their charm!

    - - - -
    Poet/Composer/Multi-Instrumentalist/Cultural Historian
    Primal Pulse (Label-Publisher-Studio)
    The Monongahela River, Turtle Island

    - - - -
    Now Available:
    Staff, Mask, Rattle (2-CD: Instrumental, 2002)
    Owls In Obsidian (CD: Instrumental, 2000)

    Monongahela Riverrun (CD: Instrumental, 2003)

    - - - -
    "Smash the control images! Smash the control machine!"
    - - William S. Burroughs
    Todd Tamanend Clark, Sep 13, 2003
  15. Todd Tamanend Clark

    ric Guest

    Gee...I can't remember any such requests coming from
    We're just among those that are sick of reading replies to your "lists"
    from or, for example, showing
    up on

    If you must post these lists, try multi-posting. That way the "psychedelic"
    replies don't show up on bluenote.
    ric, Sep 13, 2003
  16. Todd Tamanend Clark

    kinograph Guest

    Orff, Bernstein, and Mahler are all represented on DVD - and there are
    several versions of the Barber of Seville :)
    kinograph, Sep 14, 2003
  17. Todd Tamanend Clark

    Alex Temple Guest

    There are some artists I can imagine being discussed in both. Free
    improv, mainly.
    Alex Temple, Sep 15, 2003
  18. Todd Tamanend Clark

    Alex Temple Guest

    Here's what I deduce from this thread:

    Industrial fans and psych fans are perfectly happy to talk about jazz,
    but jazz fans really don't want to hear about psych or industrial.
    Experimental music fans consist only of experimental musicians, because
    the only posts in r.m.e are crossposts or ads. Hmm.
    Alex Temple, Sep 15, 2003
  19. Todd Tamanend Clark

    Mike C. Guest

    Mike C.
    "And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who
    not hear the music."
    --Friedrich Nietzsche
    Now you're on jazz content... ;-)

    Since you're so smug in this response, I guess I'll have to get down to
    child's definitions for you. Newsgroups are subject-specific groups. People
    come here because they want to read and chat about jazz. Some topics get
    into some different areas, but they can be traced back to a jazz subject,
    usually can be traced within the thread. However, crossposting to unrelated
    newsgroups is generally frowned upon, as there aren't a helluva lot of
    members of that want to discuss "The World According to
    John Coltrane", and rightfully so. I happen to like other types of music
    immensely, and I could even draw a thin line to some of this music by
    playing the "improvisational music" card, but out of respect for the group,
    I don't bother. If I want to talk about funk music, I'll find a funk
    newsgroup to chat with.

    Since none of the groups included discuss *all* of the styles of music in
    your list, then it becomes obvious that you are posting information that is
    innappropriate for at least some of the groups. That's "so what".

    Are they jazz recordings? Additionally, why would you post four musical
    genres to a one-genre newsgroup? This isn't inappropriate to the purpose of
    the newsgroup?

    Bullshit. Non-provable, and a red herring.
    Wrong. Not on topic at all. Next.
    And when you do, I'm sure some will be happy to discuss it here. If it
    concerns jazz, then it's on topic. Most people would agree that there is not
    relation between jazz music and hockey, but if you record a CD playing jazz
    standards in a hockey rink, then it will be more on topic. Posting about
    either jazz or hockey is going to be some type of off topic, if you
    crosspost to this group and to a hockey group. Until that recording is made,
    there really isn't a very appropriate line between and
    One group discusses music and one group discusses videos. Of course the
    groups can cross, as there can be videos about and/or including jazz topics.
    However, unless you are discussing *jazz* dvds, the subject will have
    nothing to do with what members tend to come here to talk about. Unless you
    are talking about jazz *dvds*, you will be discussing a subject that is not
    of much interest to Do you join book clubs to discuss
    volleyball techniques? I mean, ground control to space cadet, there *are*
    books about volleyball, aren't there? Why *wouldn't* a volleball aficionado
    try to change the subject to volleyball, even if the topic of discussion is
    Edgar Allen Poe?
    No, but a jazz video about The Doors certainly is.
    Ned tries to control what can be and what cannot be considered jazz. All I'm
    saying is that it seems you have no idea what the FAQ for this group states.
    It's not a law, it's a general set of courtesies toward the people who post
    here. We're here to talk about jazz. If you go to a Kiwanis meeting to talk
    about women's issues, you're going to annoy people. Unless your goal is to
    annoy people, you're in the wrong place.
    So that's to say you *are* here to annoy people...
    Mike C., Sep 15, 2003
  20. "Mike C." expounded thusly:
    Why are you so anally obsessive about such rigid categories?

    The very best music transcends genres.
    Often they have elements of jazz.
    There you go again with those narrow-minded boundaries.

    Who appointed you the moderator of an unmoderated newsgroup?
    I've already made ten previous recordings that contain all four of
    the genres that this thread is posted to. The first one was released
    in 1975.

    How familiar are you with how fervently Frank Zappa smashed musical
    genre boundaries, often within the same song?
    It's my contention that The Doors, as well as The Mothers Of
    Invention, Captain Beefheart, Pere Ubu, Spirit, and several other
    so-called rock groups, are more akin to jazz groups with rock
    leanings. Certainly, Ray Manzarek's and Robby Krieger's solo albums
    are clearly jazz.
    As do you in your own way.
    I'll gladly go read it.
    So am I. I love jazz. Especially all the avant-garde artists that
    Zed despises.
    Some serious social activists should break down those sexist barriers.
    Not specifically annoy, just to encourage some free thinking.

    You might want to consider me the iconoclastic Anti-Zed.

    - - - -
    Poet/Composer/Multi-Instrumentalist/Cultural Historian
    Primal Pulse (Label-Publisher-Studio)
    The Monongahela River, Turtle Island

    - - - -
    Now Available:
    Staff, Mask, Rattle (2-CD: Instrumental, 2002)
    Owls In Obsidian (CD: Instrumental, 2000)

    Monongahela Riverrun (CD: Instrumental, 2003)

    - - - -
    "We need more diabolic music everywhere."
    - - William S. Burroughs
    Todd Tamanend Clark, Sep 15, 2003
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