Multiple Mail profiles tiz.

Discussion in 'Firefox' started by davy, Jan 22, 2010.

  1. davy

    davy Guest

    I used mozbackup to create a new profile of Tbird on my old laptop(XP).
    I copied it to a usb stick and then used MozB again to restore on desk
    top with new win 7 Tbird. When I started Tbird it chugged away for a
    while and then I looked for my transferred emails . They didn't go into
    my normal Inbox but I found them in my Local Folders Inbox. OK so I can
    live with that but then I notice the are dated from 2003 to 2006. I went
    back to laptop and located my Profile folder and found the there are 7
    different mail profiles with acsending numbers from 0 to 6 in my Tbird
    Mail Folder.
    Logic tells me the last one would be the most recent.
    Moz backup must have picked them all up and only loaded the first one on
    my Win 7 Tbird. So where does that leave me?
    Confused about what to do next.
    davy, Jan 22, 2010
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  2. you can try finding your support here:

    *IMPORTANT*: Sorry folks, but I cannot provide email

    Warning: Private emails sent to me may become public

    Peter Potamus & His Magic Flying Balloon:
    Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo, Jan 22, 2010
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