Multiple instances problem

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Terry Pinnell, Dec 30, 2008.

  1. I wonder if anyone here can help me fix a problem that's been annoying
    me for a year or two please?

    I like to open JPG files with IrfanView so I have that set as my JPG
    association in XP File Types. Then I use Shift+e in IrfanView when I
    want to open the file in my main image editor, PaintShop Pro 8. But
    that always opens it with a new instance of PSP 8, instead of just
    opening the file.
    Terry Pinnell, Dec 30, 2008
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  2. Terry Pinnell

    N Guest

    Probably a coding issue in Irfanview. Try here
    N, Dec 30, 2008
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  3. Terry Pinnell

    tony cooper Guest

    His question really isn't that clear, but if he has a file (ie: .jpg)
    open in any viewer (ie: IrfanView), and clicks "Edit With External
    Program" (shift+e), the command is to open the editing program (ie:
    PSP). It will always be a new opening of the program.

    If he uses an viewer like FastStone that displays multiple images in
    one view, he can (hold shift)+(arrow) and open several images in the
    editor at one time. I don't think this can be done in IrfanView.
    FastStone (free) really offers more versatility as a viewer than
    tony cooper, Dec 30, 2008
  4. Terry Pinnell

    N Guest

    Not if the code is written to find and open instance of an application and
    use it, rather than create a new instance of it.
    N, Dec 31, 2008
  5. Terry Pinnell

    tony cooper Guest

    But the code isn't written that way.
    tony cooper, Dec 31, 2008
  6. Terry Pinnell

    N Guest

    Do you suffer from ADHD?
    N, Dec 31, 2008
  7. Terry Pinnell

    tony cooper Guest

    No, and I don't suffer from a reading comprehension problem. The
    guy's using IrfanView. The code isn't written that way in IrfanView
    or any other viewer that I'm aware of.

    It might be possible to have IrfanView find an open instance of the
    editor, turn on the coffee maker, and play a .wav of "Greensleeves" on
    the bagpipe...if the code was written that way. But it isn't.
    tony cooper, Dec 31, 2008
  8. Terry Pinnell

    John G. Guest

    "> No, and I don't suffer from a reading comprehension problem. The
    It works as Terry seems to want in both Irfanview and Faststone Viewer with
    Adobe elements 3 (and Win XP) so it would seem to be the Edit program and
    not the Viewer but I do not have Painshop Pro to try.

    John G.
    John G., Dec 31, 2008
  9. Len, John, N:

    Thanks all. Yes, I reckon it nets down to poorly-written PSP 8 code.
    Irfan is of same view in response to my email. No reply yet from the
    Corel.PaintShopPro8 group.

    I'm wondering if maybe I can somehow get it done by specifying
    OpenExpert as my preferred editor, with added parameters, but haven't
    figured that out yet. I've emailed the author. Alternatively, as this
    is a frequently-performed operation, I might try writing something
    with Macro Express. But, starting from a view in IrfanView, that would
    have to *drag* the identified file from an Explore folder onto PSP 8,
    and that's hard ;-(

    Incidentally, note that PSP 8 opens new .PSP files from Explorer in
    the same instance. But not JPG, my main type.
    Terry Pinnell, Dec 31, 2008
  10. Terry Pinnell

    Mark Thomas Guest

    That certainly points at the application! But some applications are
    able to change that sort of behavior via program options or startup
    switches - have a bit of a look around. If you don't find an easy
    solution, or like a bit of complexity in your life, read on...

    For instance (pun intended), I have always been annoyed at the way MS
    Excel opens new files in the same window, yet MS Word does not. I
    couldn't find anything within the program, so I went looking for a
    solution and found this:

    Obviously that is for Excel only and won't apply directly to your
    problem, but it might be worth checking those same 'advanced' File Type
    settings in Explorer to see whether the settings for PSP files are in
    fact different to those for JPG files. If so, then you could try
    (carefully) changing them to match.

    If you don't understand all that, don't try it.. I don't use PSP, or I
    would go look for you. (O:
    Mark Thomas, Dec 31, 2008
  11. Thanks Mark. (I echo your view about Excel worksheets BTW. An annoying
    design flaw IMO. For quick comparisons of two worksheets under
    separate tabs, rather than loading up another resource hungry instance
    of Excel I've sometimes even resorted to hitting the Prt Scr key, and
    pasting to IrfanView, so that I can then view both, albeit with one of
    them a mere unchanging snapshot.)

    I took a look at that page, but unfortunately I reckon I covered all
    of that ground before my original post. I think I've tried *all* the
    options it suggests and quite a few others. (I was following up this
    link which looked promising at first: )
    The permutations quickly mount up:
    - Use DDE, or not
    - Enter /DDE after the executable, or not
    - Enter %1 after the executable, or not
    - Enter %1 and /DDE after the executable, or not
    - For any/all of the above, add double quotes
    - Add [open("%1")] in DDE Message, with or without those square

    There could still be some elusive winning combination...

    I bet a smart programmer or script writer could hack PSP 8 and/or
    IrfanView to do it - but I'm neither!
    Terry Pinnell, Dec 31, 2008
  12. Thanks Paul, but no joy. With the latest release IrfanView 4.23
    installed I tried C:\Program Files\Jasc Software Inc\Paint Shop Pro
    8\Paint Shop Pro.exe followed by
    ""%1%" /DDE"
    and several more obscure strings, all without success. Most gave
    "Unable to open file". "/DDE" opened the file, but ain another
    instance of PSP 8.
    Unfortunately not.
    Terry Pinnell, Jan 1, 2009
  13. Terry Pinnell

    Paul Furman Guest

    This looks like confirmation that others have such problems with PSP:
    "Photoshop Elements lets you set an arbitrary other
    executable as an alternate photo editor, invokable from its picture
    browser. I specify Paint Shop Pro as my external editor.

    Paint Shop Pro accepts the DDE request "open()". But Photoshop Elements
    provides no way of my passing the DDE request on. So Photoshop Elements
    starts up a new instance of Paint Shop every time I invoke PSP from it."

    "Problem seems to exist for some users, although not for most."

    Paul Furman

    all google groups messages filtered due to spam
    Paul Furman, Jan 1, 2009
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