Multihoming with two ISP's

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by Sinan, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. Sinan


    Oct 9, 2007
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    Hi all

    i am a new member in this forum, and i am working in a GSM Service company

    what i have is not a problem, i really need your advices and opinions

    i have a CISCO2811 router already configured for one ISP through serial port (E1), my boss ask me to find a proper way to connect another ISP to the same router so that at the end we had two internet connection in load load balancing and fail-over

    i had read many methods to go on with this such using BGP, static route and OER

    i dont have good experinces with routers, any way what i need is what are the possible methods to implement this issue and what is the best one

    note that i dont recommend to add other devices just this cisco router ;)

    if is there any web site or documents that might help me i really appreciate

    Thanks in Advance
    Sinan, Oct 11, 2007
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