Multihoming on 2811 without BGP

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by MCScrapE, Feb 15, 2008.

  1. MCScrapE

    MCScrapE Guest

    I have two T1 lines from different providers and the requirement is to
    have the end-users default route be the one ISP and the servers
    default route the other ISP. Additionally, there needs to be a way
    for automatic failover should one of the lines fail. The final
    challenge is that all the traffic is coming from a 5510 ASA. The
    switches on the inside of the ASA are unmanaged but the servers
    connect to one switch and the workstations another so I can physically
    separate them and configure an interface on the ASA for each group.

    I know it is a relatively simple task if all traffic goes out one line
    and the other is strictly failover. The crux of a solution like this
    would be a tracked default route, multiple route-maps, and multiple
    NAT statements. However, for the requirements mentioned above I am
    thinking of using route-maps setting the next hop of the preferred
    path and then the secondary path. The servers with static mappings
    are just hosed unless someone manually configures them with the
    secondary ISPs IP addresses or have an alternate config ready. I am
    never thrilled with a solution that requires manual input but it may
    be the chosen path. I would set IP precendence (or some other QoS
    marking scheme) for the workstation traffic to be able to distinguish
    it from server traffic and thus determine what route it takes.

    I think all in all BGP would be the best bet provided I can get a /24
    from one of the providers and both support BGP. However, just in case
    I am lining up other non-BGP alternatives.

    Open to all thoughts and ideas. Thank you.
    MCScrapE, Feb 15, 2008
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