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Discussion in 'Cisco' started by Thanatos, Apr 6, 2010.

  1. Thanatos


    Apr 6, 2010
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    I have a question regarding VPN implementation.

    <internet cloud (users)>---(VPN)---<router>-------<Private network 1>
    |-------<Private network n>​
    |-------<Private network n+1>​

    The concept is to create a different tunnel (L2TP-IPsec) for each user, but I would like to keep the configuration as simple as possible for the user.

    So my questions are :

    Is there a way to implement this toplogy in a simplest way?(see below)
    Can we avoid using groups?

    Here is an idea of the current config:

    ip local pool VPN
    ip local pool VPN2
    crypto isakmp client configuration group USER1_VPN
    key user1
    pool VPN1
    acl ACL1
    crypto isakmp client configuration group USER2_VPN
    key user2
    pool VPN2
    acl ACL2

    Thanks in advance for your help :beerglas:
    Thanatos, Apr 6, 2010
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