MSPress 70-526 Book contents

Discussion in 'MCTS' started by Tony Wissler, Mar 23, 2007.

  1. Tony Wissler

    Tony Wissler Guest

    I have a question that I can't seem to find an answer for on Amazon,
    Bookpool or website.

    The MSPress book: MCTS Self-Paced Training Kit (Exam 70-526): Microsoft®
    ..NET Framework 2.0 Windows®-Based Client Development states that there are
    practice exams on the included cd.

    Can anyone tell me, these practice exams or test questions - are they by
    Microsoft or are these from MeasureUp or SelfTestSoftware or someone else?


    Tony Wissler

    Dad, MCP, MCSE
    Tony Wissler, Mar 23, 2007
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  2. Tony Wissler

    Iain Guest

    Hey Tony,

    The practice exam software that come with the Self-Paced Training Kits are
    from Measureup.

    Iain, Mar 28, 2007
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  3. Tony Wissler

    Tony Wissler Guest

    Awesome, thank you.

    This is exactly what I wanted to know!


    Tony Wissler
    Tony Wissler, Mar 28, 2007
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