"MSIMN has caused an error in DIRECTDB.DLL"

Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by Wyn, Feb 27, 2004.

  1. Wyn

    Wyn Guest

    A friend gets the above message when trying to run OE 6. His OS is Win
    ME. He has plenty of room on his 40 Gig HD and 256 MB RAM.

    I can find no reference to it in Google other than with regard to OE 5.x

    I've tried Tomsterdam.com, Chattanooga.com, MS knowledge base, all with
    no luck. There are other similar error messages but no exact fit in the
    case of OE 6.

    I've "Repaired" IE6, uninstalled and reinstalled OE6, all to no effect.

    The fixes that I have found mention deleting Folders.dbx and allowing OE
    to create a new one, but for the life of me I can't find Folders.dbx -
    certainly the Search function can't find it. But when I changed the
    Store folder on my machine (running XP and OE 6) suddenly there is
    Folders.dbx. Where the hell is it on his machine?

    Is MSIMN part of Win ME? If so, is reinstalling ME the only option?

    The poor bugger has a host of emails awaiting answer on the server, so
    today I am going to install Calypso so that at least he can respond to

    Can anyone help? It would be much appreciated. Nathan, where art thou?


    Wyn, Feb 27, 2004
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  2. Wyn

    E. Guest

    Is the value of hkey_current_user\software\microsft\wab\wab4\ useoutlook
    = 1 ? (or hkey_local_machine\...\wab4...)
    If so, change it to 0

    Folders.dbx would be under
    c:\windows\application data\identities\{some random alpha}\Outlook express
    C:\windows\local settings\application data\identities\{some random
    alpha}\Outlook express
    c:\windows\profiles\application data\identities\{some random
    alpha}\Outlook express

    Or just do a search on files called "inbox" and open the directory it's
    found in.
    E., Feb 27, 2004
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  3. Wyn

    Invisible Guest

    This is about the closest:

    And some here:


    Usually in the same directory as the inbox.dbx?
    Invisible, Feb 27, 2004
  4. Wyn

    Max Guest

    Have you tried renaming or deleting the file that it is having a
    problem with. This has worked for me inthe past
    Max, Feb 27, 2004
  5. Wyn

    Max Burke Guest

    Wyn scribbled:
    To find where the Folders.dbx file is, in OE go to:

    Click the Stores Folder button

    Note the path/location of the stores folder.

    Also checkout:

    The sledgehammer approach that may fix the problem.

    Close OE

    Start Windows Explorer

    Go to the stores folder.
    Delete the Folders.dbx file

    Restart OE, and it should/will create a new Folders.dbx

    Note, this is a sledge hammer approach. It will no longer show all user
    folders that have been created (and the emails stored in them,) and should
    really only be used to get OE working again.

    The user folders and emails in them dont get deleted (they're still in the
    stores folder), but with the creation of a new Folders.dbx they're no longer
    shown in OE.

    To get the user created folders and emails in them back again:

    Close OE
    Restore the Stores folder from a *known GOOD backup.*
    Restart OE and it should have the user created folders back, along with the

    I use E-Backup to do a daily backup of all OE folders, user profiles and
    settings, along with IE folders, user profiles, and settings.

    There is also a basic OE backup at:

    Another option would be to recreate the user folders and try importing the
    emails from the old folders. (that have been moved to another folder
    *before* recreating the new user folders)
    I haven't used that method though....

    I have read in some newsgroups that enabling the 'compact messages in
    background' option does sometimes corrupt the files in the stores folder.
    To turn that option off go to:

    Uncheck 'compact messages in background'

    The user will now have to manually compact the OE meassages and folders
    every so often, but it's easy to do:

    In OE go to:

    Compact all folders

    I do that just before I close OE.

    Max Burke, Feb 28, 2004
  6. Wyn

    Wyn Guest

    Thanks for all this. I will have to read all your message and study it
    in detail. I think that I have found the answer to the problem.anyway.

    I knew that OE 5 had problems with an overfull Inbox, but I thought this
    had been overcome with OE 6, but no. Who would have thought that 73 MB
    of files and attachments in an Inbox was excessive? :)

    I moved the Inbox.dbx to a different location and OE ran OK. It created
    another Inbox and he was able to d/load his emails. But if I move it
    back in with the other .dbx files OE crashes. Unless I can nut out some
    other way of accessing the old Inbox and transferring the files it looks
    as if they will have gone down the gurgler.


    Wyn, Feb 28, 2004
  7. Wyn

    Wyn Guest

    Wyn, Feb 28, 2004
  8. Wyn

    Wyn Guest

    See my other replies. I moved Inbox.dbx to another location.


    Wyn, Feb 28, 2004
  9. Wyn

    Wizard Guest

    "MSIMN has caused an error in DIRECTDB.DLL"

    On my Win98 PC, the file DIRECTDB.DLL is located at: C:\Program Files\Common
    Files\SYSTEM. Maybe there is a problem with the file on the computer,
    possibly corrupt. The file description is "Microsoft Direct Database API",
    and version on my computer is 6.00.2800.1123, and size is 74.0KB. I note if
    I look at the version of OE I am using, the version is also 6.00.2800.1123,
    so maybe that system file is related to IE or OE. What I would do first is
    to first backup the directdb.dll file to a floppy disk or copy it to another
    safe location, incase you need to restore it. Then DELETE the original file,
    then try doing the repair/uninstall-reinstall of IE/OE. Maybe because the
    file is there, the repair doesn't replace the copy thinking there's no need
    to, but maybe it is actually corrupt. After the repair option in the
    'Add/Remove Programs', you could try to revert IE/OE back to previous
    version first, then use Windows Update or a magazine CD to update to IE 6.0
    SP1. There are free utilities (I think dbXtract comes to mind) to extract
    the emails from dbx files. So it maybe possible to rescue the email even if
    a reformat etc will need to be done as a last resort. Anyway, let the group
    know if any of this works.

    Wizard, Feb 28, 2004
  10. Wyn

    Invisible Guest

    Can you import the messages from the moved inbox.dbx? I've seen a few OE lockups
    solved by moving the entire directory with the dbx files, deleting the old ones,
    then using the OE import messages feature.
    Invisible, Feb 28, 2004
  11. Wyn

    Wyn Guest

    Thanks for all your trouble Wizard. By now you will have seen from my
    other posts that the real problem was with an over full Inbox. As with
    so many error messages it's just about impossible to translate what the
    real error is. He was already running IE 6.0 SP1, and I did use
    DBXtract on his files.


    Wyn, Feb 28, 2004
  12. Wyn

    Wyn Guest

    Thanks, I'll keep that in mind next time I visit him, which may be
    tomorrow, but I don't think there's any way that OE will accept an
    inbox.dbx with 73 MB of messages etc. in it.

    Wyn, Feb 28, 2004
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