MS helps the MS worm

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by Jeremy Goodwin, Oct 16, 2003.

  1. Bill Gates has just announced a security patch to fix all the problems
    addressed in
    the previous 22 patches. With the MS security worm the timing is just
    amazing, does he even own a computer?

    It will not effect anyone regular to this group, but as CNN runs the
    announcement on the ticker 20 times an hour, some people will go and
    click on one of the virus messages, and a new round will start.

    Jeremy Goodwin, Oct 16, 2003
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  2. Jeremy Goodwin

    Larry Smith Guest

    Bill Gates has just announced a security patch to fix all the problems
    You think he wrote the code? The reality as that MS is in a no-win position.
    Windows is an enormously complicated piece of software, far more than most
    realize. To get it "right" as well as to market in a reasonable amount of
    time is almost impossible no matter who takes up the challenge. They're a
    business after all, not a think-tank with 20 years of design/development
    time. Many of the world's best and brightest minds work there and still they
    can't get it precisely right (given the realistic turn-around times for
    their products). It's an inherent problem. Windows is a massive collection
    of eclectic technologies whose (software) complexities are unlike anything
    the world has ever seen (50+ million lines of code and a team of 1800 for
    Win2000 alone). Believe me, nobody else could get it right either. Most
    developers can't even write their own tiny apps without major problems, let
    alone one this size. Windows is also the world's most used piece of software
    (running 100,000,000+ PCs), and hence it grabs the most attention when
    problems are found. It's also the one most exploited by people trying to
    cause havoc and much of its base was developed before the Internet even
    became prevalent. Securing all holes in the original code and even new code
    is very difficult. Doing so also bloats and slows the OS which many people
    unfairly complain about (they want their cake and eat it too). For all
    intents and purposes however, Windows works notwithstanding the problems
    that exist. I have no vested interested in MS whatsoever. As a very
    experienced developer however, I know. It's very secure in spite of what
    many say (NT-based versions anyway) and the reality is that it's incredible
    piece of software engineering. Most of the security problems will eventually
    dry up and quite frankly, the security is very difficult to defeat even now
    (the publicity and damage that's caused when it is defeated makes Windows
    look much more vulnerable than it really is).
    Larry Smith, Oct 17, 2003
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