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Discussion in 'Windows 64bit' started by Guest, Jan 10, 2006.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    OK try and make this short - bought a computer for my little boy (im not too
    technical) put my OS on it then realised that was illegal so didnt activate
    it! The PC i bought for him is an AMD 64 939 sckt 3000 (?! apparently) so i
    thouhgt id download the xp 64bit software for him - burned it onto CD and
    it's supposed to start itself but it wont. Windows gave me message - use an
    ISO whatever, downloaded recommended isobuster, that showed me the files on
    the cd, tried to start setup.exe but just says boot from CD which it wont do
    - im not much more technical than this so dont know what to do next. Oh ive
    downloaded it twice in case it was corrupt and it's the correct mb size
    microsfot said it should be. Any suggestions - my poor little 'un has a
    computer he cant do anything with bless him! (not to mention that at 8 he
    thinks i can fix everything!)

    Thanks in anticipation
    Guest, Jan 10, 2006
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  2. Guest

    Rick Guest

    After you get the ISO file downloaded, the only action is to "Burn Image
    to Disc" with software like Nero or Easy CD. The trial download is only
    good for 120 days. It must be burned to a CD so that the computer can
    boot from the CD. The Win x64 setup program will not run in Windows XP
    Home or Pro (32-bit).

    What leads you to believe the software is illegal?

    All things considered, you would be better off staying with windows XP
    Home or Pro (32-bit). Windows x64 is not fully supported by all the
    hardware and software vendors. So, you would likely run into many, many
    problems getting things to work right, and I don't think you want to put
    yourself in that position.
    Rick, Jan 10, 2006
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  3. Andre Da Costa, Jan 10, 2006
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    THanks Rick
    Re: illegal - I am already running the xp home on my own computer - didnt
    realise i couldnt run it on both, couldnt afford the 64bit software just yet
    so thought i'd try the trial for now thinking it would be good for him doing
    gaming etc? BUT if it's not that brilliant yet or a bit too technical for me
    perhaps youre right and i should buy xp home for him instead. Many thanks.
    Guest, Jan 10, 2006
  5. Guest

    John Barnes Guest

    Since you can't afford the operating system yet, using the x64 will quickly
    let you know if it is going to work for you. I agree with Rick that the
    odds are against that and you will want to go for XP Home or XP Pro
    depending on your networking needs.
    John Barnes, Jan 10, 2006
  6. Aw, don't be afraid of 64 bit. You should at least give the trial a workout
    before deciding otherwise. It's fast, *fun*...ummm, adventurous and you'll
    be on the cutting edge. I say give it a try for a few weeks. Check in here
    for advice, and you may just do fine. If not, it ain't gonna cost you a
    thing (well, other than aggravation)
    Dennis Gordon, Jan 10, 2006
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