Mozilla's email program unable to define default font

Discussion in 'Firefox' started by Victor, Oct 6, 2003.

  1. Victor

    Victor Guest

    I don't know why after all these years, the Mozilla email program won't
    allow user define as in Outlook Express default font face, size, color,
    etc... to write new messages. Same for templates. You can't use Mozilla for
    business purpose: Can you imagine sending plain-text emails to customers?!
    If you want to send HTML email with a logo on top, you have to start edition
    from scratch. Too bad, and what a waste of time...
    Don't tell me this is for securiy purpose, this wouldn't make sense...
    Victor, Oct 6, 2003
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  2. Can you tell me, what Moz version are you using? Have you recently
    downloaded a new version?

    I can imagine sending plain text emails to customers, many might
    actually prefer it, but Moz allows you the option to send both html and
    plain text messages. I, for example, have set my email client,
    Thunderbird, to show only plain text.

    In Mozilla, click Edit>>Preferences>>Mail & Newsgroups>>Send Format.

    Select Send the message in plain text and HTML. Then, those recipients
    who have chosen not to receive html mail will still get a plain text

    To set your account to send in html, click Edit>>Mail & Newsgroup
    Account Settings. Select the acoount, and then Composition & Address.
    Check the box for Compose messages in HTML format. You should then see
    all html formatting options in your Compose window.

    Leonidas Jones, Oct 6, 2003
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  3. Victor

    Ed Mullen Guest

    First, set your preferences to compose in HTML. Edit - Mail &
    Newsgroups Accounts Settings. Under the account you want to change
    select Composition & Addressing and select compose in HTML.

    Create a blank email message with the formatting you want. Save it
    somwhere (the Templates folder is a logical place). When you want to
    send a new email based on that template just right click the template
    and choose Edit As New.

    Incidentally, anytime you compose a new message or compose a reply you
    can hold Shift when clicking on Compose or Reply or Reply All and the
    compose window will open in the opposite mode of your Preferences settings.

    Ed Mullen - Mozilla Champion
    Is it my imagination, or do buffalo wings taste like chicken?
    Ed Mullen, Oct 6, 2003
  4. Glad to have you here, Champ!

    Leonidas Jones, Oct 6, 2003
  5. Victor

    Ed Mullen Guest

    I obviously have too much time on my hands! ;-)

    Ed Mullen - Mozilla Champion

    How can you tell when the blue cheese goes bad?
    Ed Mullen, Oct 6, 2003
  6. Victor

    Victor Guest

    Hi guys,

    Thanks for all your suggestions. Actually I'm still unable to do exactly
    what I want. I can only change few things with the template. I want almost
    my home page to be the template. Do you get me?
    I want to be able to edit the template with Dreamweaver, or at least to edit
    the source code...
    Also, I want to set up my Mozilla as my Outlook Express that way: Each time
    I compose a new message or reply, I want to use the default template, that
    of my company...
    I guess I'm asking for too many things..

    Victor, Oct 6, 2003
  7. Victor

    Albert Ren Guest

    Just so you know, I would *never* want to receive a business email in
    HTML format. As in, if I were sending mail to a representative or
    contact within the company. If we're talking newsletters here, then I
    can see where you're coming from (this is just personal preference of mine).

    Mozilla Champion

    Download Mozilla Suite:
    Mozilla Firebird:
    Albert Ren, Oct 7, 2003
  8. Victor

    Victor Guest

    Right it's a matter of taste. When I receive plain text email, it looks so
    "newcomer" or "cheap" for me...
    Victor, Oct 7, 2003
  9. Victor

    Ed Mullen Guest

    If you need to send something that complex make it in Dreamweaver and
    attach it as an html file.
    Ed Mullen, Oct 7, 2003
  10. Victor

    Guido Jurock Guest

    Tasta indeed. When I receive HTML-mails i have to think of the term

    Guido Jurock, Oct 7, 2003
  11. Victor

    Victor Guest

    Can you imagine??? As an attachment???!
    No, the Mozilla team has to re-start the project from scratch...
    I don't know why several major open-source projects are so poor... Look at
    Unix based OS... Regardless of security, they're just horrible...
    Oh well, I prefer to pay to have quality.
    Victor, Oct 7, 2003
  12. Den 07-10-2003 13:52, skrev Victor:
    What would be the problem? A HTML attachment is showed inline with the
    message, which would be blank, leaving all the space to the attachment.
    Are you willing to fund that?
    In what way? Stability, userfriendlyness, security or what?
    So which version of Linux do you use?

    Morten K. Hansen, Oct 7, 2003
  13. Victor

    Ed Mullen Guest

    Yes, I can imagine it quite readily. It might not be your preference
    but it works quite nicely. There are, however, considerations in every
    possible way of doing it.

    I regularly receive commercial HTML emails from PC World Magazine,
    Hilton, Marriott, Amazon, and many others that are heavily laden with
    images and HTML formatting. However, for security reasons I have remote
    images disabled in email and newsgroups so much of the "pizzaz" you seem
    to be desiring is not displayed. I'd be able to selectively decide if I
    want to view the content and do so simply by turning on "View
    attachments inline." Alternatively, I could simply right click the
    attachment and click "Open" to view it in a browser window. Or even
    save it to disk for later review. Of course, to work, all of these
    require that you either include all the images in the email (eating up
    potentially significant amounts of bandwidth and drive space at the
    user's end) or make sure that every link is an absolute one pointing to
    an available web resource. And the user has to be online for that to
    work. So, if you're going to do that, why not create the page in the
    tool of your choice and just email a nicely formatted html email with a
    link pointing to the page on the Web?

    After doing a little experimentation my conclusion is that the best way
    to handle this is to create the content, put it on a server, and just
    email a Web link. Which is the way a fair amount of commercial
    information comes to me such as online bills, bank statements, and some

    I'm not saying that the functionality you want is not reasonable to ask
    for. Nor am I trying to convince you to do things in any particular
    manner. I'm simply exploring some of the issues that occured to me. And
    also that that there are a host of considerations attendant to the
    discussion, not simply the dismissive Mozilla has "... to start over
    from scratch."

    By the way, you can copy and paste any HTML code into a Mozilla HTML
    email message by using Insert - HTML. If you save the template and
    reopen it for reuse you won't be able to edit the code within the mail
    client. However, you can save the template as an HTML file and edit in
    Composer or Dreamweaver or whatever program you like. Then copy the
    code, open the template in the email client, delete rendundant content
    visually, then insert the revised HTML. Granted, not as easy as you
    want it but, then, an email client isn't meant to be a page composer.
    Maybe the answer is to write to Macromedia and ask them to include an
    email client in Dreamweaver.

    Ed Mullen - Mozilla Champion

    Where do forest rangers go to get away from it all?
    Ed Mullen, Oct 7, 2003
  14. Victor

    Jarmo Guest

    Victor, emails are emails, usually you should just send plain text, with no
    attachements but pics, maybe. Try outlook express, and all the fonts in
    there, maybe even better, some smilies too. Just hope ur customers don't get
    afraid. I always thinked, good policy is to stay away from Html, but, u r
    one of a kind, hehe.
    Jarmo, Oct 7, 2003
  15. Victor

    Albert Ren Guest

    I'm not bashing anyone here, but I get that exact same feeling when I
    receive OE HTML-formatted emails with a big pretty background, special
    fonts, and weird margins. Why inflate the message 200KB if a 500byte
    message will do the same?

    Of course, actual business related newsletters I receive (thinking dell,
    HP, and amazon here) are usually much more tasteful :)

    Mozilla Champion

    Download Mozilla Suite:
    Mozilla Firebird:
    Albert Ren, Oct 8, 2003
  16. Victor

    jake Guest

    i have to agree that HTML email isn't my favorite - I'm on dailup, and
    when an email takes that much longer it ruins my day. Well, maybe it
    doesn't ruin my day, but the outcome/wait-time aren't proportional to
    make it good.

    jake, Oct 9, 2003
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