Mozilla MAPI32.DLL conflict with Norton Internet Security 2005

Discussion in 'Firefox' started by tom.tulinsky, Jun 28, 2005.

  1. tom.tulinsky

    tom.tulinsky Guest

    I was getting error popups at login saying

    CCAPP.EXE: "The ordinal 129 could not be located in the dynamic link
    library MAPI32.dll"
    and same for "ordinal 21"

    CCAPP is part of Norton Internet Security.

    Mozilla installs a MAPI32.DLL in Windows\System32. I replaced it (it
    was version 1.5.20030.17168) with the old version from another Win XP
    PC that did not have Mozilla (version 1.0.2536.0) and the problem has
    gone away. Warning: this may break Mozilla email. Mozilla email still
    works for me however.

    I also sometimes got messages that CCAPP.EXE had crashed during logon,
    and once got a message "Symantec User Session failed. If you were in
    the middle of something your data may have been lost." After that email
    did not work till I restarted Norton.

    I tried reinstalling the Norton Internet Security but that did not

    Thanks to for pointing me to the solution.

    Using Symantec Internet Security 2005, Mozilla 1.7.5 (for email),
    Firefox 1.0.4, Windows XP SP 2. Also had earlier Mozillas 1.3, 1.5b.
    tom.tulinsky, Jun 28, 2005
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