Mozilla Mail composition spaces on screen

Discussion in 'Firefox' started by quincey cavenaugh, Feb 8, 2004.

  1. I use Mozilla Mail 1.6 for my mail client.

    I have notice this and it's exasperating to me.

    Whenever I am composing a new message and press the spacebar at the
    end of a word, I don't see my cursor move to the right. I have
    noticed, however, that when I send the mail, spaces are inserted
    properly in the text. Has anyone else noticed this and does he know a
    way to correct it?
    quincey cavenaugh, Feb 8, 2004
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  2. quincey cavenaugh

    dantu Guest


    Works fine for most people. Does it do the same when you are
    replying as well?
    dantu, Feb 9, 2004
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  3. Yes.

    I would have suspected my installation, but I had the same problem
    with 1.5. I then upgraded to 1.6, and the problem still persisted.
    quincey cavenaugh, Feb 9, 2004
  4. quincey cavenaugh

    Ed Mullen Guest

    Yeah, every once in a while during composition (new or reply or forward)
    I will see the cursor disappear and sometimes even the display stop
    updating for several seconds. Odd. But it's too brief and transitory
    for me to tie it to anything specific.

    And before anyone suggests it, my video drivers are up to date. I have
    an nVidia video card with 64 Mb of RAM, a 933 MHz Pentium, and Win XP.
    And no other applications do this, just Mozilla.
    Ed Mullen, Feb 9, 2004
  5. quincey cavenaugh

    dantu Guest

    Ah, then it possible its a profile problem. Have you tried a new
    profile to see if it happens there?
    dantu, Feb 10, 2004
  6. quincey cavenaugh

    Tono Guest

    I have the same problem at times, most always at the end of the line
    before it wraps to the next line. In general the cursor moves a little

    I don't know if anyone can replicate the line above, but it is a common
    example of how the cursor moves a bit strange. Don't ask me *why* I did
    it, but after typing the period after the word "weird", I hit the space
    bar 4 times. The first three times the cursor moved to the right, the
    fourth time it jumped back, next to the period. Hitting backspace
    reversed the order. With that same example, after the cursor jumped
    back next to the period, I can hold the space bar down for ever, and the
    cursor will not move. It's like the spaces are there, but the cursor
    doesn't move, since holding the backspace button long enough will
    eventually get the cursor to first jump three spaces away from the
    period, then it will back up normally. I am using plain text, and have
    it set to wrap plain text at 72 characters. (sorry for the verbose

    Many times I will find the backspace button to do nothing, this does
    *seem* to happen at the end of a line or backing up from a paragraph
    below. Very often when snipping a reply to a post or email.

    And yes, this does happen in different profiles.

    Tono, Feb 12, 2004
  7. quincey cavenaugh

    dantu Guest

    Have you disengaged format flowed? Or made any other adjustments to
    text? Does it do the same if you compose in HTML mode? Do you have a
    standard keyboard, or one that requires extra software for features?
    Have you ensured that all the necessary components for Linux are present
    in your system?

    See the release notes but this is the Linux requirements

    Operating system

    Red Hat Linux 7.0 or later;
    Debian 3.0 or later;
    SuSE 7.2 or later;

    or a version of Linux with kernel 2.2.14 or later and the following
    library versions (or compatible):

    * glibc 2.2,
    * GTK 1.2.x (1.2.5 preferred),
    * XFree86 3.3.x,
    * Libstdc++ 2.9.0

    Processor Pentium 233 MHz (or faster)
    RAM 64 MB
    Free hard disk space^†
    26 MB
    dantu, Feb 12, 2004
  8. quincey cavenaugh

    Tono Guest

    I don't think I know how to disengage format flowed, so I probably
    didn't. No other adjustments either. I never use html so I don't know
    if it would also act up then. The keyboard! Ah Hah! Yes I was using a
    keyboard that requires a driver for special features. I never installed
    the driver because I didn't have it. I swapped it with a standard
    keyboard, (rebooted) and the problem is the exact same. Linux? Sorry,
    I'm still stuck with Bill Gates. And I don't think I mentioned it
    before, but sometimes the cursor disappears. Other times, I believe
    when using the arrow keys to move, the cursor moves, but leaves another
    cursor somewhere else. The "extra" cursor is just there, it doesn't do
    anything but annoy me.

    Tono, Feb 14, 2004
  9. quincey cavenaugh

    dantu Guest


    If you are going to use a non-standard keyboard, then install
    the drivers! This entire issue could be due to the keyboard (and then
    again it may not). Did you reboot and re-install when you switched back
    to the standard keyboard?

    And try it in HTML, to see if it occurs there.
    dantu, Feb 14, 2004
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