Mozilla development to cease

Discussion in 'Firefox' started by William W. Plummer, Mar 11, 2005.

  1. Maybe I'm late with the news, but Kim Komando's newsletter had a pointer
    to the story.

    Is it easy to switch to FireFox and Thunderbird? Will Calendar work?
    What about the various plugins and extensions?
    William W. Plummer, Mar 11, 2005
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  2. I just wanted to say that I really don't like this. I started with
    Mozilla, and have tried FireFox quite a few times. Every time I do, I
    feel as if someone has put a straightjacket on me. So many of the
    features and preferences are removed that I feel I no longer have
    control of the browser. A thousand little add-ons have to be downloaded
    and installed just to get some of that control back. Is there possibly
    some middle-ground that can be achieved?

    Some friends and I always joke about the need for a checkbox in Windows
    that enables/disables bloatware. Since they're dumbing-down the Mozilla
    organization's offerings so much, why not give their users that option
    to have control in a much more user-friendly way? Isn't that what
    FireFox is all about: user friendliness? Does the browser have to be
    restricted to lowest-common-denomenator features to still appeal to the
    masses? An "allow me to control my browser" checkbox wouldn't force Mom
    and Grandma to click it, but it would allow reasonably knowledgeable
    users freedom.

    I guess I should get to programming instead of complaining up a storm?
    Steven M. Payeur, Mar 11, 2005
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  3. William W. Plummer

    Tian Harter Guest

    I'm probably going to be using Mozilla for website development for a
    while. It works and I'm used to it. What more could I ask?

    Last evening I went the the meetup thing. They
    want everybody to call their Senators in Washington and ask
    them to oppose Bush's right wing judicial nominees. They
    also want us to say that dumping the filibuster is stupid.
    Tian Harter, Mar 11, 2005
  4. William W. Plummer

    Justin Guest

    Steven M. Payeur wrote on [Fri, 11 Mar 2005 09:58:18 -0800]:
    I must agree.
    Integration between email and browser so I can email a web page, having
    a check for updates to bookmarks option that seems to be removed from
    firefox, etc.
    Justin, Mar 11, 2005
  5. William W. Plummer

    Arne Guest

    Don't need to have two app's running if I wont to get alerts when new
    mails arrives. As I have said in netscape.mozilla.user.general, I will
    not use any Mozilla Foundation software in the future if they don't
    develope the Suit any more. I'll wait some time for a new unofficial
    version (if sutch will come), else I will leave for something else. I
    may even start using IE/OE just for the fun of not supporting anything
    that smells Mozilla foundation!


    Proud User of Mozilla Suite. Get your free copy here:
    Arne, Mar 11, 2005
  6. Well, there is a project being developed to continue the suite. All
    might not be lost:

    I don't know where this is going to go, but I can see that continued
    development of the suite is better off in the hands of people who really
    believe in the concept, instead of being left hanging by people who
    clearly don't.

    Leonidas Jones, Mar 11, 2005
  7. Bug fixes and new features.
    William W. Plummer, Mar 11, 2005
  8. William W. Plummer

    bulk88 Guest

    Mozilla is the web programmer's browser, the techie's browser, the one
    who wants a deluge of info's browser, the one that wants their car to
    look like a 747's cockpits control's, not a yard tractor's controls. I
    love mozilla for that. It makes me feel close to the XPCOM, C++, and JS
    inside mozilla, not artsy fruity glazed over sugar coated, easily
    digested by the masses thiung that Firefox is. Firefox is annoyingly
    easy. I am using firefox 9.2 right now with a IE skin (thats how much I
    hate FF), I look in my options menu, there is nothing there, except in
    advanced where they ism a unintelligible mess of options which turn to
    greek for me very easily. In the Suite's options everything is nicly
    organized, and out there, not hidden. Love live the suite.
    bulk88, Mar 13, 2005
  9. Try the Configuration Mania extension.

    Leonidas Jones, Mar 13, 2005
  10. William W. Plummer

    charles Guest

    I've used FF and TBird, still have them installed here. I use Mozilla
    and will continue to until something better comes along, and it probably
    won't be FF and TBird from what I can see now.
    charles, Mar 14, 2005
  11. William W. Plummer

    Xin Zhang Guest

    The developers don't have enough resource to maintain two products. As
    firefox has a larger customer base, of course they will support firefox
    if they need to give up one in order to save the other.
    Xin Zhang, Mar 14, 2005
  12. William W. Plummer

    someone Guest

    I use Firefox almost exclusively now. Once and awhile i am forced to
    use IE because a certain wbsite dont work in FF. I must totally agree
    with you. A happy medium is exactky what is needed. I too hate all
    those plugins in FF. FF should AT LEAST have all the functions and
    controls that IE has, and have them built right into it.
    At the same time, I installed Mozilla before FF. Mozilla was far too
    bloated for my tastes. I most likely would have stuck with it, and
    learned to ignore much of the bloat. However, Mozilla crashed more
    often than almost any other piece of software I have ever used. Maybe
    my computer is too slow, or my memory is lacking, since this is an old
    computer. but Moz just did not work for me. FF seems pretty stable.
    I have crashed it about 4 times since I started using it about 6
    months ago. IE crashes more than that. But Moz crashed almost
    everytime I used it, so it had to go.

    What you said makes much sense. Offer three levels. Plain - few
    features (like FF is now), Middle - many more of the common features,
    and High - all the bloat every geek could ever want.
    I already know I'd select the middle one.
    someone, Mar 16, 2005
  13. William W. Plummer

    Moz Champion Guest

    It should have all the same functions as IE has? And the same security
    holes? Thats what makes it better, it is much more secure than IE! Many
    of the 'features' you find in IE are simply security disasters waiting
    to happen, to make FF function the same would open it up to the same
    security situation IE users are now in.
    Moz Champion, Mar 16, 2005
  14. I think we need to see what Microsoft does with Outlook, OE and IE.
    The press seems to say they are taking the security issues seriously
    now. The most appealing thing about Mozilla to us was the relief from
    malware so if MS rises to that standard, I'll go back.
    William W. Plummer, Mar 16, 2005
  15. William W. Plummer

    Adrian Guest

    "charles was inspired by God to say to the flock");, On 3/14/05 2:50 PM:
    The Suite is the one for me too. FF & TB are years behind.
    I use the web site editor as well. I'll stick with 1.7+ as long as it's
    secure. Just thought I would put in a vote here for the Suite.
    Oh well, back to lurking :) B4N,
    Adrian, Mar 16, 2005
  16. William W. Plummer

    someone Guest

    I'm not saying anything about security. I am referring to simple
    ON/OFF things. IE allows a person to toggle on and off SOUNDS,
    ANIMATIONS, VIDEOS, and other similar things. FF does not have these
    features. Yes, I am sure there are plugins for all of them, but
    simple things like this should be built in. For example, I hate the
    Macromedia Flash used on far too many websites now-a-days. But I do
    like to view some of the funny Flash movies they offer on some of the
    political and other websites. I finally installed that plugin that
    disables all flash content, and puts these big ugly buttons on the
    pages that allow me to click to see flash content. It would be so
    much nicer to just have a Flash On/Off selection.

    Each one of us is different, and each of us have our own ways that we
    want to view webpages. Some people love all that flash content and
    all sorts of noisy sounds, etc. I dont. My dialup is too slow to
    wait for all the junk to load, and I am very annoyed by noisy sound
    files on sites, because I am generally listening to music or the tv
    when I am online. Yet, other times I might get in a mood to go tp
    some of these kind of sites and actually view and hear all that stuff.

    I dont think it's too much to ask to offer Toggles for those options,
    and FF could make it easier than IE, by placing them right in the
    taskbar, instead of the clumbsy method in IE that requires a minimum
    of 4 clicks to get to.

    Another thing, are these automatic popups when typing in a URL. I am
    not sure what this is called, but the seond I type www a bunch of old
    urls pop up on my screen. To me, this is an annoyance. I can type
    faster than to click on some old link, and everytime those things
    popup on my screen, they distract me. I have them disabled in IE, and
    have ever since I first installed IE. I simply do not want that
    feature. But, FF forces me to be distracted by them. Once again, FF
    should offer an option to toggle that on and off.

    None of this has anything to do with security.... All I am asking is
    to give us some options, and I dont mean having to install a plugin
    for every one of these things, nor using that about.config thing that
    only a computer programmer can understand.

    The other option would be for someone to make ONE plugin that allows
    for ALL of this, and puts a toggle selection in the taskbar.
    someone, Mar 16, 2005
  17. Preferences toolbar has a Kill Flash button. Also Images, Fonts, Java
    Javascript, animations, and much more can be toggled on and off on the
    fly, either from a toolbar, or a dropdown in the Menu Bar.

    It does not have a button to disable sound however. There are
    bookmarklets that will shut down background sound.

    By the way, at the moment, mozdev appears to be down.

    Leonidas Jones, Mar 16, 2005
  18. William W. Plummer

    Moz Champion Guest

    Think about what you are asking <g>. You have specified exactly what YOU
    prefer, and what you consider simple and then say they should be built
    in. Why should I be forced to choose flash or not when I dont mind
    seeing them for example, or even pop-ups. There is a pop-up blocker in
    Firefox, but that wouldnt be in MY list of what I want in a browser. I
    normally run with popups and flash enabled btw.

    The inclusion (or absence) of anything in the basic product means
    little, if there is a device to enable (or disable) it available. For
    me, the inclusion of a 'no sound' button would be entirely superfleous
    for example. If I dont want a sound, I turn the sound off at my keyboard
    or via the menu

    You dont want Flash? there are several means of disableing such, you
    have a choice. You dont want sounds, you also have a choice of means to
    do that.

    You dont need to be a computer programmer to follow directions. To
    install a plug in, most are completely automatic, you simply press
    'install'. You can install extensions the same way, simply press
    install. About:config is quite simple, again, all you have to do is
    follow the instructions specified for what you want to do.
    You dont have to 'understand' it, you simply have to follow directions

    You have several means of avoiding those 'popups' (actually I think you
    are referring to the location bar history pop ups) when you are typing
    in urls. All you have to do is ask, Some are UI (user interface)
    settable, some are more complex than that, there are even extensions to
    do the job, all depends on what you want.

    Tool bar space is limited, and just because you think a flash toggle
    would be useful, dont think everyone thinks the same way. To me, having
    a flash toggle in the tool bar would be a waste of space, as would a no
    sound button. There are hundreds of extensions out there, and there
    might be one that does one or the other (but not both as far as I can
    ascertain) which simply goes to prove that other peoples priorities are
    completely different from yours.

    The beauty of Firefox is that it CAN be configured, via plugins,
    about:config and extensions, to be exactly what YOU prefer, and not JUST
    what is built in. Your choices, via extensions, plugins, themes, UI and
    about:config are literally endless, you can configure it to precisely
    your specifications, no matter how unique or popular they are.
    Moz Champion, Mar 17, 2005
  19. William W. Plummer

    someone Guest

    First off, I should ask you what version you are using?
    I have ver 1.0

    Maybe I need to upgrade to get these features you mention. I hesitate
    to upgrade because I read that I can not just install over the top of
    my current version, which means starting over with all settings and
    plugins, which is something I do not look forward to. With that said,
    I am not finding the Kill Flash button in the "TOOLS". Am I looking
    in the wrong place, or does this version lack that? I CAN toggle java
    script and images. Thats about all I can find.

    Please advise.

    One other thing. I think I have to use the about.config thingie for
    this. (I hate that thing, but will do it if I know exactly what to
    do). I want to disable the "typed URL" popups. In other words, when
    I start typing www.g I DO NOT want to see and and and popup
    below the typed url line. I prefer to just type and be
    done with it. I just dont care for that feature in ANY browser. I
    can type faster than clicking on that popup and having that thing pop
    in my face is very distracting. Just one of those personal

    Thanks for all help.
    someone, Mar 18, 2005
  20. We have much to understand here.

    First of all, when you install a new version, and there will be a 1.0.2
    out next week, you should uninstall from Add/Remove Programs, then
    install the new version. However, this will *not* remove any of your
    settings. Most plugins will carry over as well, though you can go to
    your program folder:

    C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\

    and backup the Plugins folder. If you have any problem with plugins in
    the new version, you simply restore your backup.

    All your other settings are stored in your profile, which is kept in a
    completely separate location. The profile is not touched by an
    uninstall. When you install the new version, it will look for an
    existing profile, and when it finds it, will use it. All your settings,
    bookmarks, cookies, themes, extensions, passwords, UI customizations
    will carry over as a result.

    However, the "Kill Flash" button I mentioned is not a part of a standard
    Firefox installation. It is part of an extension, the Preferences
    Toolbar, which must be installed separately. Did you click the link I

    This should give you a lot of information. Install this extension, and
    you will be able to add the kill Flash button to the preferences toolbar.

    I don't really understand your last point. By popup, do you refer to the
    location bar history dropdown? If you do, just ignore it and keep typing.

    If that doesn't do it, you could try this:


    Filter for the pref:


    If you find it, change the value to false. If its not there, and it
    probably won't be, add it by right clicking in the window and choosing
    New. Its a boolean pref, and the value should be set to false.

    Leonidas Jones, Mar 18, 2005
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