Mozilla Composer drag n' drop scrolling

Discussion in 'Firefox' started by Jukka Hellen, Nov 26, 2003.

  1. Jukka Hellen

    Jukka Hellen Guest

    I'm trying to drag n' drop some text in Composer but it wont srcoll the
    page anywhere. So now I have to Cut and Paste the text instead which
    kinda sucks. Is it a bug or can I enable the scrolling somewhere?

    Using Mandrake 9.2rc2 and Mozilla 1.4
    Jukka Hellen, Nov 26, 2003
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  2. Jukka Hellen

    dantu Guest

    From the release notes

    When Publishing in Composer, if the Publishing URL, file name, username,
    or password contain any special characters (such as "@") that need to be
    escaped, then Composer creates a duplicate site entry each time you
    publish the document. To work around this bug, choose the original site
    name from the Site Name list in the Publish dialog box before publishing
    the document again. For example, some ISP users have usernames that are
    also their email addresses, e.g., "". After
    publishing to this site, the next time you use the Publish dialog, the
    username from the document URL will appear as ""
    (the "@" was escaped during publishing). Since Composer can't find this
    entry, it creates a duplicate site name. (Bug 141819

    You may not be able to simultaneously edit a document using both
    Composer and another editor. (Bug 27820

    Certain pages (such as ones that set frames) can't be edited. However,
    you are still able to choose the Edit Page option in the File menu for
    such pages. An editor window opens, but you are unable to edit the page.

    Edit|PasteAs function is not functioning. (Bugs 73286
    <>, 41547

    You can not print HTML Source. (Bug 82239

    Some shortcut keys do not function properly. (Bug list

    Hourglass does not show when application is busy. (Bug 83300

    Some element icons do not render in Show All Tags mode. (Bug 88036

    List editing can cause nested lists to outdent to next level list. (Bug
    98547 <>)

    The composer window will not scroll unless there is something to scroll TO
    drag & drop whatever in, THEN try scrolling, does that work?
    Composer is not a WYSIWYG document
    dantu, Nov 26, 2003
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  3. Jukka Hellen

    Jukka Hellen Guest

    Ok I didn't know there were that many bugs in Composer :( So my problem
    may aswell be a bug too :) Well I just have to live with it then :/
    Jukka Hellen, Nov 26, 2003
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