Mozilla Browser Won't Run on FC3 (Fedora Core 3)

Discussion in 'Firefox' started by Scott Gravenhorst, Apr 12, 2006.

  1. I have FC3 running on a recent Pentium IV machine, KDE desktop.
    Everything else seems to work fine, including Mozilla Firefox, but
    when I downloaded the full browser (Mozilla 1.7.12) for Linux and
    installed it, it doesn't run. I did the (complete) installation
    according to the instructions in the README file in the tarball. The
    installation log says everthing installed successfully, yet when I
    launch it, it doesn't do anything. I also checked the other virtual
    desktops to see if it appear there, but there is nothing. All of the
    FC3 updates had been applied, including the Kernel updates (smp
    kernel) before the Mozilla browser was installed. Since I installed
    it as root, I also tried to run it as root with the same results.

    Any help?

    Thanks in advance.
    Scott Gravenhorst, Apr 12, 2006
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  2. Scott Gravenhorst

    Jedi Fans Guest

    What happens if you start mozilla from a terminal such as xterm or
    konsole? please post the output if any of that ;).

    Good Luck!
    Jedi Fans, Apr 12, 2006
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