Mozilla 3 has proper zooming, and here's a tip how to set it up.

Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by Peter Huebner, Jun 27, 2008.

  1. I don't know if this is news or not, but Mozilla Firefox 3 is
    available for download.

    I more or less found this out by accident, trying to google on
    a firefox plugin or such that would allow zooming the whole
    page rather than just text size which often led to problems.

    Firefox 3 has this feature. Since getting a new monitor I had
    been using Opera 9 because it scales the whole page, rather
    than just text like the old Firefox. Unfortunately, Opera 9
    just shat itself on my computer. Tabbing no longer works in any
    predictable fashion. Even after more than two months I still
    don't feel that navigation in Opera is as easy as it was in
    Firefox. So I was looking to see if I could return to Firefox.

    The problem however was, that each and every tab on Firefox 3,
    as it installed, opened at 100%zoom level, and there's no
    visible way of changing this in the preferences, in fact
    there's not even any visible indication what zoom level you're
    at, that I've been able to discover, unlike Opera.

    I finally remembered the about:config page in Firefox. And
    there, right at the very bottom, are two settings:
    max.zoom.level and min.zoom.level.
    I set min.zoom.level to 130, and restarted the browser. Voila,
    problem solved! All pages now open in a size that I can read

    Peter Huebner, Jun 27, 2008
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  2. Peter Huebner

    Ralph Fox Guest

    I have been using the K-Meleon browser which has had
    'proper' zooming for some time. (In fact you get a
    choice to: zoom page, zoom text, zoom images).

    K-Meleon also uses the Gecko rendering engine, like Firefox.
    Ralph Fox, Jun 29, 2008
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  3. Peter Huebner

    Gordon Guest

    Yep, old news ;-)
    From what I read this afternoon, this works on a site by site basis. One
    site maybe 130% , another 120% say. So that the text is the right size
    for the user.

    Version 3 has just wandered onto the viewing field, stretched and blended
    into the background. No hype in sight. Still then again by all accounts
    version 3 is just better. It is faster, does not leak memory and has some
    things the user might notice.
    Gordon, Jun 29, 2008
  4. Going to have a look at it. Firefox 3 by default first still
    displays a page at 100%, I have to zoom once to get it started
    zooming <sigh>. I'd like to make a suggestion to them about
    this, but the last time I tried to contact them .... lets just
    say I ended up very frustrated, trying to work through THAT

    B.t.w. Opera has come right after a computer reset. Ha!

    Peter Huebner, Jun 29, 2008
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