Moving from 10Mbps Ethernet to Wireless 802.11g - HELP!!

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by via Userbeam Remailer, Dec 6, 2004.

  1. Could someone who knows about these things give me some advice?

    My home/office has two desktop PCs (both 3.2GHz Pentium IVs) running
    Win98SE. Both have USB2.0. Also, both have PCI Ethernet 10/100 adapter
    cards and I am running a peer-to-peer Microsoft Network (i.e., the one
    built in to Win98SE).
    The internal network wiring is all ancient BNC coax, which means I am
    limited to 10Mbps (and why I am not using the LANs built-in to their
    motherboards, which have RJ45 connectors). This slow speed is getting to be
    a real hassle when doing backups. Additionally, it is preventing other
    sharing work I need to do.
    I still connect to the internet using 56K V92 dial-up; half-decent
    broadband has only this year become economically available in my neck of
    the woods (IMO it is a swindle to market 128Kbps as broadband). I use
    Windows Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) so both machines share one dialup
    modem (3com USR, serial connection).
    Changing to RJ45 wiring to get 100Mbps is not an option because the BNC
    coax wiring is sealed into a solid concrete floor and I don't want trailing
    I have Win2K CDs, SP4 and licenses to cover these PCs but have held off
    from upgrading from Win98SE because "if it ain't broken, don't fix it". A
    very wise dictum indeed when complex operating systems are concerned, I'm
    sure many may agree.

    Yesterday I bought a Toshiba Satellite P25 portable PC preloaded with WinXP
    Home and SP2. The laptop is fitted with built-in (not via a PCMCIA card)
    Atheros AR5001X+ 802.11 a/b/g wireless network hardware. According to:
    this has a "108-Mbps Atheros Turbo Mode" too. I realize from some research
    that 108 Mbps will in the real world at best be 60-65 Mbps, but that is a
    lot better than the 40-45 Mbps which is the best I can hope for from
    "standard g".

    I want to use the laptop in my network, and this seems a smart time to
    upgrade my network capabilities to a wholly wireless LAN as well as my
    dialup internet connection to 1Mbps broadband.
    Used where they will be, none of the three computers will be more than 30
    feet from any other, and there will never be a brick wall between any two
    of them (only a wooden partition or floor).
    I would like to make use of the "turbo mode" on the Atheros so I can get
    better than 50mbps from the new wireless-only network.
    What PCI cards should I buy to be able to get the faster networking between
    all three? And what hub/router/modem/whatever (makes and models, please)?
    (yep, I asked toshiba and atheros
    I already know that in order to get the claimed "108 Mbps" I must have
    cards from the same manufacturer - but remember, the laptop has the
    Atheros-based 802.11g built-in. I don't want to have to add a PCMCIA
    network card to it.
    Would I be wise to upgrade Win98se on the desktop PCs at the same time?

    All help and suggestions gratefully accepted.
    via Userbeam Remailer, Dec 6, 2004
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  2. via Userbeam Remailer

    peter Guest

    I am not an expert at this but after carefull research I bought and recommend
    the Netgear WGTB511T 108Mbps Wireless Firewall Router with a couple of WG311T
    Pci adaptors for the desktops.The 511T comes as a package with a PCMCIA card.The
    build in card that came with your laptop might not work with another companies
    router at the speed that you want.Since I bought all Netgear I have my 108Mbps
    connection...well at least faster than 50Mbps.The units where a snap to install
    and configure and has been running without any problems for about a month now.I
    am Running XP SP2 on 2 PC and a Laptop all in different parts of the house and
    they all interconnect nicely and reach the web thru a DSL modem attached to the
    Wireless Router.
    No idea how this would connect to an ancient dial up modem but with Internet
    Connection Sharing this should not be a problem....other than a slow way to
    connect to the net and it will seem even slower once you have your network up
    and running....maybe its time to think about that swindle ?
    My opinion
    peter, Dec 8, 2004
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  3. via Userbeam Remailer

    peter Guest

    OOPs slight mistake.........The 511T Package contains a 624 router and a 511T
    PCMIA card
    peter, Dec 8, 2004
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