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Discussion in 'Firefox' started by Amedeo Storni, Oct 17, 2003.

  1. I have a POP email address, and I use Mozilla to read it.
    If I want to format my HD and reinstall Mozilla, what files should I keep to
    restore the account data and the content of the mailbox?
    More difficult: if I use two different computers, is it possible to
    syncronize them so that I always have all my mailbox data available?

    Amedeo Storni, Oct 17, 2003
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  2. Amedeo Storni

    Ed Mullen Guest

    For backing up your account data see:

    The most basic way to synchronize your mail data on two computers is
    simply to copy the files in you profile mail folder that represent the
    mail folders you see within Mozilla. For instance, the mail folder in
    my profile on my desktop PC is located at:

    C:\Documents and Settings\EdM\Application Data\Mozilla\Profiles\EdM\[8
    random numbers].slt\Mail\

    Within that "" folder I see a bunch of files but these
    are the ones we're concerned with here:

    10/07/2003 12:03 PM 0 Drafts
    10/17/2003 01:52 PM 552,500 Inbox
    10/17/2003 01:23 PM 76,805 Junk
    10/17/2003 01:48 PM 13,216,413 Sent
    10/07/2003 12:03 PM 0 Templates
    10/17/2003 01:49 PM 11,577,017 Trash
    10/07/2003 01:46 PM 1,335 Drafts.msf
    10/17/2003 01:52 PM 2,216 Inbox.msf
    10/17/2003 01:23 PM 4,957 Junk.msf
    10/17/2003 01:48 PM 10,960 Sent.msf
    10/07/2003 01:46 PM 1,338 Templates.msf
    10/17/2003 04:00 AM 31,238 Trash.msf

    The files that do NOT have a file extension are the text files that are
    represented as folders within Mozilla and contain the individual emails
    you see in Mozilla when you click on, for instance, the Sent folder.
    The .msf files of the same name are the index files that Mozilla uses to
    track what's inside the actual mail files and display the data to you as
    individual emails.

    If I wanted to update my laptop to match my PC I'd simply copy the files
    with no extension to the corresponding location on the laptop. The
    index files will be automatically rebuilt by Mozilla the first time I
    access the folder in Mozilla.

    If you have created folders in addition to those default ones, you need
    to copy the corresponding files as well.

    Note that this process assumes that the target (my laptop) files contain
    no info that is not on the source (my desktop PC) and that the PC
    contains the latest mail data. When I copy the files the existing ones
    will be overwritten. But I did say that this is the most basic
    approach. ;-)
    Ed Mullen, Oct 17, 2003
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