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Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by BuckRabbit, Oct 2, 2006.

  1. BuckRabbit

    BuckRabbit Guest

    Hi, I have been experiencing a very frustrating problem with my mouse, it seems that links on whatever webpage etc that's on
    screen have been mysteriously triggered automatically as though I have clicked on them with the mouse. What's worse is that my
    mouse pointer is about 75mm away to the left of and 10mm above such links, I have a 17" monitor, so it's being triggered like out
    in the middle of nowhere. The triggering isn't instant, it takes between 3 to 5 seconds before the phenomenon occurs, but it
    always happens and it's pissing me off!
    I use a tabbed browser and have new pages open by themselves, can't use the Favourites menus because it causes them to close on me
    before I get tot the links I'm looking for, and other stuff, it's very annoying.
    Hope someone can help me understand what's causing this and rid my computer of this problem.

    All assistance is greatly appreciated
    BuckRabbit, Oct 2, 2006
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  2. BuckRabbit

    Brian Guest

    A few suggestions here
    1 try a different mouse to see if you get the same result
    2 check your system for spyware or a browser hijack program
    3. get a pop up blocker program (one that is proven not one that has its own
    popups. Google works good)
    You can also try a different browser to see if the results are the same,
    there are a few out there IE, Netscape, Firefox Opera,etc...Once you
    determine what the cause is, then find out why and you will understand what
    happened and how to prevent it from happening in the future.
    Brian, Oct 3, 2006
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  3. BuckRabbit

    BuckRabbit Guest

    Thanks Brian
    BuckRabbit, Oct 4, 2006
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