Most Sigma SD-9 Owners are not like George Preddy

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Arvin Chang, Nov 15, 2003.

  1. Arvin Chang

    Arvin Chang Guest

    Don't bother... you will never convince him... he was normal (more or
    less) when he had his Fuji S602 and Sony F717, but something happened
    to him when he got his Sigma SD-9 (he will probably call it an
    epiphany) - the effect of which you can see now. He used to be called
    sg10 (George Preddy isn't his real name) at before he
    was banned due to excessive behavior.

    At first he was a mere annoyance as he would continually troll and irk
    people from other forums (Canon, Nikon, etc). Most people didn't care
    because it's not like each group (Canon vs Nikon) like each other
    anyway. However, his rants and posts escalated in frequency and
    fervor, to the point that his fellow SD-9 owners couldn't stand him
    either and ask that he be removed - His claims about Foveon versus
    regular Bayer chip were getting so outrageous that he was scaring away
    newcomers to the Sigma forum.

    Anyways, unlike, the newsgroup is a public forum, so here
    he's free to speak his thoughts and opinion (whatever that may be).
    The point is you probably shouldn't waste time replying to him, you
    should just add a filter to your newsgroup reader to filter out his
    posting (I've forgotten how, but I know you can). Furthermore, in the
    future, should anyone else come in and start debating with him...
    basically tell them what I just told you. What's that saying they
    always say... oh yea... "don't feed the trolls"
    Arvin Chang, Nov 15, 2003
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  2. (Arvin Chang) wrote in
    Good luck, killfile George and you get half of the others in this NG
    replying to his outrageous claims, so you can't avoid him no matter
    what you do.
    Mike Latondresse, Nov 15, 2003
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