More than two Ethernet interfaces on a 28xx router?

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by Jonas Hamre, Oct 5, 2006.

  1. Jonas Hamre

    Jonas Hamre Guest


    I am currently using a 2611 where one FE is connected to my local LAN and
    the other is configured as dot1q trunk with approx 15 subinterfaces. This
    works like a charm, the traffic towards each remote site is mostly M&C, i.e.
    not bandwidth intensive. No routing between remote networks, the only
    traffic is between my local LAN and the respective remote networks.

    Now I need to perform the same trick towards another set of remote networks.
    I need another ethernet interface on my router, running dot1q and with
    somewhere between 15 and 30 subinterfaces. I'd like to purchase a new Cisco
    router for this task, but I don't know how far up the ladder I need to climb
    to get a router with more than two Ethernet interfaces. From this page
    it doesn't look like the 28xx series support LAN network modules at all, as
    opposed to the 38xx series
    ecd8016a8e8.html). Unfortunately, I don't have an NM-1/2FE available for
    testing in my 2611. I know from earlier that it didn't recognize an older
    Ethernet WIC that I installed into one of the WIC slots.

    Related to this: Is it possible to use a 3550 like this (router-on-a-stick)?
    On my 2611, I create as many sub-interfaces as I have VLANs to route, and on
    each subinterface I configure the following:

    int fa0/1.501
    encap dot1q 501
    ip address <ip address in VLAN 501's subnet>

    This can't be done like this on a 3550, as a routed interface on a 3550
    doesn't support subinterfaces. Can it be done another way, for example by
    setting the interface as a dot1q trunk allowing all remote VLANs and then
    creating VLAN interfaces with IP addresses for each remote VLAN? Or is this
    a feature left out of the 3550 deliberately in order to sell more high-end

    I'd appreciate any help or recommendations.
    Jonas Hamre, Oct 5, 2006
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  2. Jonas Hamre

    stephen Guest


    - replace xyz with ntl
    2801 doesnt have a NM slot - but 2811 and up do.
    Try this link for the various enet modules.

    note there are HWICs with little Enet switches on them, (but limited no's of
    stephen, Oct 5, 2006
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  3. Jonas Hamre

    RC Guest

    I used to run a 2611 with a NM-4E and WIC-1DSU-t1, worked great and it was
    handling my firewall, VPN (L2TP/MPPE), 5 internal networks and the DMZ. You
    didn't say it was an XM so I'll assume it's not, you might want to check if
    the Fast Ethernet cards are supported on the Ethernet routers.
    RC, Oct 5, 2006
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