more tapes i am letting go

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by breadguy, Oct 2, 2006.

  1. breadguy

    breadguy Guest

    heres more tapes i am letting go
    have already dubbed to dvd and don't need these any more
    if you are interested please send me your trade lists
    i will trade for tapes vcds dvds or comics

    i have
    enterprise season 4 5 tapes
    allo allo 22 tapes
    roswell conspiracies cartoon 7 tapes
    thunder the barbarian 3 tapes
    kolchak night stalker 2 tapes
    secret agent 2 tapes
    danger man 7 tapes
    t j hooker 15 tapes
    masquerade 6 tapes with kirsty alley and greg evigan
    lazarus man 1 tape
    six million dollar man 18 tapes
    hogans heroes 14 tapes
    brisco county jr. 5 tapes
    covington cross 4 tapes
    the protectors 5 tapes
    red cap 1 tape
    no time for sergants 1 tape
    wiseguy 3 tapes
    total recall 2070 5 tapes
    dempsey and makepeace 5 tapes
    flash gorden 70's cartoons 5 tapes
    disneys zorro with guy williams 3 tapes
    man from uncle 9 tapes
    new docter who season 2 2 tapes
    defenders of the earth 7 tapes
    monarch on the glen 6 tapes
    stargate sg1 seasons 1-4 20 tapes
    buck rogers tv show 6 tapes
    new dark shadows 5 tapes

    thanks for looking

    breadguy, Oct 2, 2006
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