More speed using multiple cellular Internet connection simultaneously

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by lucavilla, Nov 25, 2006.

  1. lucavilla

    lucavilla Guest

    What would you do if you want to have the fastest possible cellular
    Internet connection for your notebook (with Windows XP) when you're
    away from home and you dispose of two different cellular phones with
    two flat rate UMTS data plans on two different operators?

    Are there any good software for automatic *teaming* these two
    *different* simultaneous connections, i.e. that smartly distribute the
    traffic between the two cellulars?

    I just googled for "modem teaming" or "connection teaming" software and
    I found a software called "MidPoint Companion" that was able to "team
    up to eight modem connections of any type, including analog, ISDN,
    xDSL, cable modems, dedicated lines, and the like.
    MidPoint's best feature is its modem teaming and "Download Doubler,"
    which splits files into smaller pieces across the available modems.
    This feature works using any browser connected to an HTTP 1.1
    compatible Web or FTP site." but this software seems disappeared from
    The last evolution of it that I can find now is "MidPoint Plus 5.04"
    that seems arrested in 2002.

    Then I found another software named Vicomsoft InterGate but I don't
    trust him because they don't publish any technical detail about the
    "connection teaming" function in this program.

    What's the best available actually-supported software for modem

    Note: ignore the techniques named "bonding" or "multi-link" because
    they require two+ connections on the same ISP and that ISP supports it.
    Not good for this case. And ignore the "modem sharing" because it
    usually refers to NAT or ICS. They are not the same thing as "modem

    lucavilla, Nov 25, 2006
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  2. Hi

    Using a computer with Client OS there is No such a solution even to regular
    broadband connection unless you use a double WAN Cable/DSL Router.

    Given that the type of connection that you are talking about has more
    propriety components than a regular Broadband, I doubt that there is any
    solution of such sort.

    Combining two Internet Connections -

    Jack (MVP-Networking).
    Jack \(MVP-Networking\)., Nov 25, 2006
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  3. lucavilla

    lucavilla Guest

    Thank you Jack for answering.
    You and the author of that article seems to ignore software solutions
    like the MidPoint one I mentioned in my first post. Why? I'm sure they
    works. I also remember that I tried MidPoint Companion about 8 years
    ago with success.

    Furthermore the article says: "Let assume that you have two 3Mb/sec.
    connections each capable to download at 300KB/sec. [...] With Load
    Balancing one single file will not exceed download speed of 300KB/sec.
    However you can download 2 files at 300KB/sec. or 4 files at 150KB/sec.
    As I already wrote MidPoint Companion was also able to split a single
    file in more parts/downloads using HTTP 1.1 special commands or FTP
    resume command therefore obtaining a download with speed of 600KB/sec
    of the single file of this example.

    To use a computer with Client OS is not a problem with the MidPoint
    software because it serves as an HTTP/FTP proxy and you can always set
    your browser or FTP client to use the proxy at *localhost*.

    lucavilla, Nov 25, 2006
  4. lucavilla

    Guest Guest

    None of these have ever worked properly. Fax servers use multiple modems,
    but this has nothing to do with networking. even the programs that promise
    to speed up your connection - forget them.

    You want to speed up? Talk to your provider. Cable that is advertised at 7
    Meg barely touches 1 Meg in most cases.

    Guest, Nov 26, 2006
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