More questions about digitizing slides

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Skylamar, Aug 26, 2010.

  1. Skylamar

    Skylamar Guest

    I posted a few weeks ago that I'm trying to help my mom with her
    decision to digitize 1000 to 2000 slides. She's not that computer
    savvvy. She also lives far from me so I can't help her in person.
    Also, I use a Mac and she uses a PC running XP and I don't know a lot
    about Windows.

    She doesnÕt have lots to spend but I've seen good reviews of the
    CanoScan 8800F and the CanoScan9000F on Amazon. I think she should
    purchase one of them, but I need to find out what the differences are
    between them first.

    Anyway, I'm trying to figure out, once she gets the scanner, how she
    should proceed. At what resolution should she scan the slides? How
    should she store them?

    I have no idea what resolutions make sense. As for storing the photos,
    I'm thinking maybe she will need to buy a small external hard drive.
    However, I'm also thinking that relying on just one drive is risky if
    we want the photos to be secure for years. So, I'm wondering if she
    should put the slides, or at least the most important ones, onto an
    online backup service. I just don't know if she'll be willing to pay a
    monthly fee if the number of slides requires one. Over time, paying the
    monthly fee could cost more than having Costco or some other company
    scan the slides to DVDs/CDs instead of having her do all the scanning

    Another idea, at least for now, is to get a USB Flash Drive, 16GB or
    32GB and save the photos onto it. In addition to doing regular
    backups, every week, I save my Mac's most important files to two 16GB
    USB drives (which I put in a safe) and it works great.

    I'm also wondering if there is some simple IPhoto-like software for
    allowing her to organize her photos, so that it will be easier to
    browse through the photos in the future. According to the Canon site,
    the 9000F comes with:

    CD-ROM including Printer Driver, Setup Software and User's Guide,
    Adobe¨ Photoshop¨ Elements, ArcSoft¨ PhotoStudio¨, MP Navigator EX,
    NewSoft¨ Presto! PageManager¨ (Windows only), ScanSoft¨ OmniPage ¨ SE

    I have Photoshop Elements for Mac but I'm not familiar with the other
    PC software that comes with the scanner. I know that Photoshop
    Elements, the retail version, comes with Adobe Bridge. But I want
    software for my mom that is simple to use.

    Thanks for reading this.

    Skylamar, Aug 26, 2010
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  2. Skylamar

    Guest Guest

    scan at the highest native resolution the scanner can do. you can
    always reduce it later but you don't want to rescan again if you want
    something better if you didn't do it right the first time.
    get two or more drives and make backups. put one offsite.
    some online services offer free storage for a small amount of space,
    like a gig or two. photos add up fast but it might be enough.
    whatever you do, make multiple copies.
    lightroom or aperture, and you'll probably want vuescan to do the
    scanning not the canon software. iphoto might even suffice for
    cataloging them.
    Guest, Aug 26, 2010
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  3. Skylamar

    Al Dykes Guest

    Since the last post, Rollie Camera has come out with what might be a
    "better" cheap film scanner. Rollie is (or at least was) a real
    camera company and this ~$150 device might have a decent lens & light
    Scan at max quality and burn CDs. You can better experiment with
    presentation once you have a couple hundred shots to work with.
    Al Dykes, Aug 26, 2010
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    FWIW, FlickrPro costs around $30 a year and has unlimited storage.

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    Ryan McGinnis, Aug 26, 2010
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    Unless your mom is some kind of computer whiz and doesn't mind sitting
    in front of a computer for one or two hundred hours, this project is
    probably going to be beyond her.

    - --
    - -Ryan McGinnis
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    Ryan McGinnis, Aug 26, 2010
  6. Skylamar

    Dave Cohen Guest

    I found just using the camera and a slide viewer would satisfy family
    members when it's a question of that or nothing.
    Dave Cohen, Aug 26, 2010
  7. Skylamar

    Peter Guest

    One of my criteria is that the site support disabling of the right click.
    Peter, Aug 26, 2010
  8. Skylamar

    Peter Guest

    Its' not hard, just tedious.
    Besides, it will keep his mom busy with a useful project. I don't consider
    that a bad thing.
    Peter, Aug 26, 2010
  9. Skylamar

    ray Guest

    What is the objective? Is it 'archival' in case something should happen
    to the slides? Is it because no one wants to drag out the projector any
    more? Or is it simply because that's the 'thing' to do these days?

    As another poster mentioned, it's going to be VERY time consuming if she
    intends to scan every slide at an archival resolution. Unless there is an
    overriding concern, I'd suspect she'd get tired of the whole process
    before the job is done. A more manageable task would be to do 'preview
    scans' at low resolution of the entire set and then do the 'good' ones at
    higher resolution.
    At this point in time, there is little evidence as to the long term
    survivability of the media you mention. Once the scans are complete,
    assuming archiving is the main objective, I'd strongly consider two
    external hard drives. Backup the entire collection to both drives and
    store them separately - perhaps one 'on site' and another in a safety
    deposit box. Once per year (or more) resave to both drives and rotate
    their locations.

    I would not rely on an online service. That would (probably) be fine as
    long as they are there, but they could go belly up at any time without
    In my experience, the software that comes with the equipment is not of
    much use. In the case of MS, it will allow you to do the scanning. I
    would not count on it for more than that.

    What sort of 'organization' is she likely to need? One would hope that
    the slides are 'organized' to some degree - if so then it's easy to copy
    that organization when they are scanned in - but expect to be called in
    any case.
    ray, Aug 26, 2010
  10. Skylamar

    Peter Guest

    How much of that software have you actually used?
    Exactly what is wrong with:

    PS Elements;
    ArcSoft - a fine stitching application that works well for most casual
    OmniPage - fairly decent PDF conversion software, that I used constantly.

    I can only talk about those programs he listed that I am familiar with. But,
    clearly that is enough to cast some doubt on your statement.
    Peter, Aug 26, 2010
  11. Skylamar

    ray Guest

    Please read the post. I did not say 'that software is trash' - what I
    said was "in my experience, the software that comes with the equipment is
    not of much use". Generally, I find little to no useful software coming
    with computer or photographic equipment.
    ray, Aug 26, 2010
  12. Skylamar

    Guest Guest

    what for? that does absolutely nothing other than annoy users because
    there is a lot more than save image in the contextual menu and it is
    trivially circumvented anyway.

    if you don't want people to steal the photos, do not post them where
    people can steal them. period.
    Guest, Aug 26, 2010
  13. Skylamar

    Skylamar Guest

    The main reason is that my mom moved to a smaller house and the boxes
    of slides are taking up too much room. Also, she never uses the
    projector anymore.

    I also wanted to say thanks to everyone that responded.
    Skylamar, Aug 26, 2010
  14. Skylamar

    Peter Guest

    Specific programs that came with hardware were mentioned by the OP.
    Peter, Aug 26, 2010
  15. Skylamar

    tony cooper Guest

    As far as I'm concerned, it is quite possible two separate conditions
    to be extant: 1) some specific programs provided with a camera may be
    useful, and 2) some specific programs provided with a camera may be
    useless. It depends on the specific programs.
    tony cooper, Aug 26, 2010
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    On 8/26/2010 10:29 AM, Peter wrote:
    W, FlickrPro costs around $30 a year and has unlimited storage.
    Why would this matter? You can upload photos set to "private" and you
    can set access paramaters rather easily for known family.

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    Ryan McGinnis, Aug 26, 2010
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    Depends on how you define "hard" -- some moms would figure it out rather
    quickly (mine would), others... well, lets just say that I deal with a
    lot of people who need my help to show them how to delete photos off of
    their P&S SD card. The kind of people who can't figure out that
    pressing the trash can button and then pressing yes will delete your
    photos for you probably won't figure out how to run a Nikon Coolscan.

    - --
    - -Ryan McGinnis
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    Ryan McGinnis, Aug 26, 2010
  18. Skylamar

    Peter Guest

    Absolutely true. Now let's put my comment in context --
    The precise statement to which I replied -- "In my experience, the software
    that comes with the equipment is not of much use...."
    Peter, Aug 26, 2010
  19. Skylamar

    tony cooper Guest

    Mostly, I wouldn't know. The only software that I've downloaded from
    a disk that came with any camera I've owned was a trial version of Nik
    Software. Nice program, but too expensive for my use for what it
    does. Just a quicker way of obtaining effects that I can do in CS4.

    Nik, like Topaz, has some interesting applications but the full sets
    are expensive.
    tony cooper, Aug 26, 2010
  20. i did a project just like this a few summers ago...aprox 1,500 older
    35mm slides...go onto e bay and buy yourself a nikon cool scan
    machine...use it a few weeks, do
    your scanning, and sell it back on ebay...all you are out is your
    time...i think i was doing, like one slide per 15 secs...after i got wasn't too members were very happy to see the
    results...good luck !!! richard / colorado
    ~^ beancounter ~^, Aug 26, 2010
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