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Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by Guest, Jun 14, 2005.

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    I'm hoping that someone might be able to shed some light on
    an inquiry/search of mine...?

    "Please allow me to explain..."

    I have a notebook that I use for personnel endeavors and I
    use it to surf the internet via a "Supplied" "Wireless Router/Modem" that was
    supplied to me from "Verizon" which happens to be my server company... I
    have been having problems with their service that began "Exactly One Day
    After" my 30 return/cancellation period had expired...(go figure, like that
    wasn't planned.) Anyway... so that you understand where I'm coming from, I
    work directly across from my house during the overnight hours when internet
    traffic is at its least, yet some nights I can connect with absolutely no
    problems at all, and according to Windows XP aswell as my NetGear network
    card that's plugged into my notebook I show connection rates varying from
    12Mbs -> 18Mbs over a distance of 250 feet in a direct line of sight. On
    other nights, say 3.5 out of the 5 that I work, I can't even connect... My
    NetGear cards own software will be showing my notebook connecting for about a
    second or two, and then theres no signal the next second... then it connects
    again, and then its gone again... On nights that this happens I've taken my
    notebook over to my house an unless I'm within 50 feet of the router/modem
    the connection just connects ,disconnects, connects, disconnects...ect I
    then go into my house and sit within 5 or 10 feet of my router/modem and I
    watch both Windows XP's "Wireless Network Connection Status" window aswell as
    NetGears own software and the connection will be literally bouncing with
    "Each Second That Passes" as follows for an example... "
    8-12-8-12-24-12-8-28-6-12-6-12-6-12-18-24-6 Mbs " ect... Whenever this is
    happening I am totally unable to connect to my service unless I'm less than
    50 feet from the antenna. I've contacted Verizon atleast a dozen times about
    this and they have continually told me that its not on their end and that "I
    can't go by Windows XP nor NetGears software displayed rates because their
    not reliable. Yet they're "Always" in sync with each other within a digit or
    two... Verizon has continually tried passing this off as it being my Netcard
    or my Notebook being the mostlikely reason. I've already purchased & tried 3
    different manufactured Netcards and its been the exact same results with each
    of them... some nights I have any excellent connection and other nights
    theres noway that I can connect unless I'm within the 50 feet that I
    mentioned. And as for my Notebook, it was purchased less than 5 months ago
    and has the following spec's...:

    Hp Pavilion ZD8000
    3.8 Ghz Pentium 4 with Hyperthreading
    2 Gigs of PC4200 DDR2, 533Mhz SDram
    80 Gig 7200 rpm hardrive with more than 45% free space
    ATI x600 256 Mg video card
    DVD/CD dual-layer burner
    it has several other features that I don't believe would have any impact on
    my connecting to my router/modem...

    "Now as for the reason that I've attempted this posting,.. I was wondering
    if anyone has a suggestion for software designed for monitoring an
    "INDIVIDUAL Network Setup"...? I just want to be able to see what the
    "Actual" connection rate is that my Notebook is receiving whether I'm within
    the 50 foot range or at the 250 ft range that I seem to be having the problem
    with... I need to prove to Verizon that its something on their end... or
    prove to myself that it is infact with my Notebook... being that I doubt its
    the Netcards where I've used 3 different cards with the same results...? The
    reason that I mentioned "Individual" Network setup is do to the fact that
    I've been finding one software after another with prices ranging up to the
    $500. mark... but they all monitor multiple systems, with multiple monitoring
    portocals. I just need an accurate reflection of my transfer rate as I

    I'm sorry to have talked your eyes off but I wanted you to have a complete
    understanding of whats going on...

    I look forward to hearing from you & Thank You Very Much for Your Time...

    Guest, Jun 14, 2005
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  2. Guest

    Jack \(MVP\) Guest


    I doubt that any of this has to do with the Verizon DSL Connection.

    If you would connect one computer with Wire to the Router you probably will not see any
    of this.

    250 feet with Entry Level Wireless Hardware and No special equipment is always spotty at

    50 feet in a wireless noisy environment is No picnic either.

    In other words you problems are the typical Wireless LAN problems and probably have
    nothing to do with the DSL connection.

    Look at the following pages and do some reading may be you would find a solution.



    Jack (MVP-Networking).
    Jack \(MVP\), Jun 14, 2005
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