Monitor, Video Card or just bad luck???

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by BC, Mar 12, 2007.

  1. BC

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    A little background: About 3 years ago I got a 2.6 GHz desktop
    and about a year later I replaced the on-board video card with a
    Radeon 9600. After installing a higher powered power supply all was
    fine for a couple of months then the monitor started showing a
    yellowish cast. I lived with this for a while until I got fed up and
    replaced the monitor. The new monitor worked great and then a half
    year or so later it too started with the yellowish cast. Too be
    truthfull the yellowish cast wasn't there all the time, sometimes yes
    and sometimes not and beating/hitting the side of the monitor made no
    changes or flickering. A couple of months back someone upgraded his
    computer and gave me his old HP 15" monitor which worked great.
    Great for a month or so, now it too has that same yellowish cast.
    However this time it stays yellowish all the time.
    I've now moved the cable around and noticed no flickering. I've also
    hooked the monitor up to a laptop and got the same yellowish cast
    (screen on the laptop was great) so I pretty much think it's the
    monitor and not the cable.
    Just wondering if anyone has heard of a video card because of
    voltage or whayever doing anything like that to a monitor???
    Just seems strange to me that the same gun would would go out on
    all three monitors after months of perfect use.
    I would like to upgrade to a 16:9 LCD but I don't want to have the
    same problem. But then I don't think the LCD's have the same 3 gun
    setup as the regular TV's.
    What do you guys think???
    BC, Mar 12, 2007
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